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We'll crucify the insincere tonight

Jen is making LASAGNE tonight. Lasagne, peoples! Get excited! I am!

My room is cleaner than it's been in about six months and I'm finding it rather novel not to have to wade my way through/jump over large piles of crap just to get between door and bed. The idea of not having to watch where I'm stepping is indeed a strange one. I even dusted! (Do not panic, my dear friends. I promise it shan't happen again. I am far to delicate to continue such an atrocious activity.)

I've been murdering people in Darker London. We may have had a wee school massacre in-game and I got to kill two there, and I just find I can't stop myself now. (I love Gloria far more than I should, the poor evil messed up girl ♥) I'm so pleased I have more characters than anyone ever needs. It means more for killings! Yay! I take out all homicidal rage on imaginary people so I don't get in trouble for it in real life. Speaking of homicide, I wants the third Dexter book, dammit. The library hasn't got it yet and I'm the fifteenth person on the hold list. Argh, it's going to be forever.

And, finally, from the wonderful Overheard In New York

Woman: How dare you?! How dare you?! How can you say that? How can you tell my child I don't love him? Apologize! Apologize!
Man: It's a dog.
Woman: How dare you?! Apologize right now!

I'm trying very hard to fight the urge to curl up on the couch and watch Army of Darkness with a cup of tea. *chews lip* This may be inescapable. Besides, AoD is always a suitable beginning to a night that will end at drinking at Sporagmos. Actually, The Dreamers is sitting in Ali's room. I'm going to reeead instead!

There's no place I could be without you

I walked downtown to send off packages to my girls in NZ and got there and realised, duh, I didn't have their addresses with me. Oh my god. I'm Teh Stupid. So, girls, I'll post them off tomorrow. Cause, really, I can't be bothered walking back down now. I'm far to lazy for such a thing.

Madm S ran out of batteries half way down and I didn't realise this for two blocks. That's a sign of...something, I'm sure. It was suddenly like 'Dude? Where did my music go?' (I am incapable of calling Madm S 'my discman' and this is Raen's fault because I've never named things before. Still, it doesn't feel all that odd for it to have a name. I still insist that it needs a spider painted on it. Maybe I can find a little spider sticker somewhere.)

So I wandered around downtown and into the CD shop near the post office. I usually don't go in here cause the guy behind the counter always gives everyone this look like 'Why the hell are you in my shop??' He's like Snape without the Alan Rickman and cool Slytheriness.

But low and behold, Sour Snape is not there. He has been replaced by a Greek God: all dark skin and dark eyes and gorgeous smile and dear me I think I need to lie down.

I didn't buy music.


It jumped straight into my arms.

They were practically giving it away!

Really, it was the Zwan album for $20. And I went *divegrab* And right behind it was a Goo Goo Dolls album and I was standing there all 'oooooh droooolage' until I realised that I had every song on it but three. So, just the Zwan.

Thank the lord that the Greek God behind the counter didn't know who Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan was, because either of those words coming out of his (gorgeous) mouth would have meant me diving onto him across the counter.

Zwan is happy music. Was Billy Corgan always this happy? *snuggles him* I love him whatever music he makes, cause he rocks. Yes, I'm obsessed. I already know this. Anyway, I like it (Raen: 'Honestly' is D/L Forever. I told you he was a shipper.)

I want a tattoo and I want one right now. *works on her design* I refuse to get it until my thingy is perfect. I have a strong desire to get an SP heart but I'm holding back on that. *whines* Seeeena, you're an artist: make my tattoo!

(no subject)

Awww, Hellboy was good. Yay for movies not crashing down on my head after hoping they’ll be good. No, that’s not directed at any movies. Not at all. I hate you, Riddick. I hope you fucking die a painful death. You and your stupid canon raping sequels Liz was just liked I hoped she’d be. Although, I didn’t know her power was that dramatic. I shall have to read more of the comics now. To Find Out Things. That dude with the swishy blades was very cool and swishy. And as you all know, I’m very impressed by swishy blades. (One might say too impressed with swishy blades…) So, of course, now I must make some icons. Sigh. I’m so predictable.

And Sena? Damn you. I spent that whole movie going, “You know, he totally is the exact comic Peter Parker.” Yes, so, step aside Tobey, my brain has uprooted you with this guy. My inner Jubilee is pleased. ^_^ And this is all your fault, Sena I shall see Spiderman 3 and go ‘who the hell is this Maguire guy??’

After the movie I was forced- forced!- to go shopping. Mum was again encouraging with the clothes and I was being drawn toward music. So this is what we call a compromise: I bought clothes- a pair of black work pants and purple jeans which I’m probably going to slice up the side to make them flared. And I also went and got my CD’s off layby.

I take it as a sign of my impression the other day that the guy behind the counter- who wasn’t even the one who served me that time- didn’t even need my name to know which layby was mine. He comes out and he’s ringing up the SP DVD:

Him: So, you’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan?
Me: Just a little. You know, a tiiiny little bit…In the very big obsessive way.
Him: *laughs* So, what do you think of Zwan?
Me: *brain goes ‘pumpkinfansquee!’* I haven’t heard much of them. I’m a little apprehensive actually.
Him: You can’t even tell it’s Billy. They sound nothing alike. It’s like-
Me: -Happy Billy. Happy Billy’s not as fun as-
Him: Depressed Billy. Yeah, I know. He’s at his best when he’s angsting.

So I’m going to marry this guy I’ve decided. He doesn’t know it yet, but what more do I need in a guy? In the course of the rest of the discussion I discover that he not only likes Pumpkins, I think he’s a bigger fan than I am. So, yeah, wedding’ll be in a few weeks, guys. Everyone’s invited! Bring cake!

Dude, the Kill Bill soundtrack kicks a momentous amount of arse and everyone needs it.

I have a Pumpkins DVD and I haven’t even watched it yet. Ooooh, such self-control I have…or something.

Music is Bounce! *bounces*

Why is it that most of the time when I go into the CD store I don’t find anything I like, but sometimes there’s approximately 20 things? It’s some sort of evil conspiracy. And by the time mum was done in the chemist and came up to meet me she found me standing there helplessly with an armful of CDs. She managed to pry half of them away (“Nooo, I need HIM’s greatest hits! What do you mean I don’t need another Something for Kate album?? But-but-but the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack wants to come home with me!”) so I heartbrokenly ran away from her with what I had left- Kill Bill Soundtrack, Bond’s new album, the ‘Vieuphoria’ Smashing Pumpkins DVD, ‘Just Like You’ Three Days Grace- and put them on layby. Mum caught up with me at the counter and ended my diabolical cackling that the least expensive item was coming home with me.

Mum: Shouldn’t you be using your money to buy clothes?
Me: Pah. Who needs clothes? I shall run about as God intended.
Mum: Naked. With a discman.
Me: Yes!
Mum: God intended you to be the crazy naked woman listening to Smashing Pumpkins?
Me: Isn’t it obvious?

There was also a whole part about ‘Music is more important that clothes! Music is life!’ which I think should be a winning quote to get me a job there if I ever wanted it. (Actually. I wonder if they need any help in there? Probably not, but I should look into it.)

So I have my single with my three fancy songs. (Raen, ‘Just Like You’ is the most Diantha/Darius song I have ever heard. I could be mean, I could be angry, you know I could be just like you.’Which was part of the reason I liked it so much…) Waa. Want the albums. I suppose going down and paying them off tomorrow defeats the purpose of laybying them? Sigh. I shall just have to wait. And watch my shiny new Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits DVD.

You know, my mother have a point about how much of my money goes on music…