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Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

there must be a way out of here, said the joker to the thief

Even though I technically really couldn't afford it, I just ordered Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack from Amazon. I'm such a criminal usually when it comes to getting music but these two I just had to buy. Amanda said to buy it, and since she's usually so okay about people just downloading the Dresden Dolls stuff I figured it would be better to do as the lovely Miss Palmer tells me. She'd kick my arse.

And I had to buy Repo! because it deserves the support. Anything that gets it more mainstream attention is good. (And if people would stop only mention that it has That Hilton Creature in it, that would also be good. Damm reviewers.)

Although the uncool part is this: Delivery estimate: October 30, 2008 - November 20, 2008 Wat? Come on, Amazon! That's more than a month for items that you claim are in stock. Are you on crack? It's especially uncool since when we order stuff from Amazon.uk it generally arrives within the week. Lame. But I'll survive I have links to downloads until they arrive.

Musical picspam!

Here's a totally random post filled with gorgeous musicians.

This post was orignally going to be made just for Angie but...well, I changed my mind. So now it's public and everyone can enjoy the pretty. I have no idea where I got most of these pics. They've all be on my computer for ages.

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Bands who I totally would have included but I lacked the will/pictures: Within Temptation, White Stripes, Fiona Apple, Bic Runga, Apocalyptica, Rasputina. Perhaps another time...