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Does this mean I can stay the kid?

I talked to my little brother on the phone today. In my mind he's seventeen still but he's turning twenty-one in March. It's all wrong. He sounds like a grown up man-person and he's about six-four apparently.

He and his girlfriend have been together for five years in April, and he told me he's going to propose then. They're also trying for a baby.

My face = :O to every single thing in this post.

Although he's apparently a big BSG fan which means we have something in common for what might be the first time ever.

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Hey baby! I'm back in the USSR! And by that I, of course, mean New Zealand. And I thought I had some really fascinating things to say here but now that I'm typing I'm proving myself wrong on that front.

Tasmania was good, if a little weird. Everything was all very the same except for me. And, as predicted, I did in fact have the brightest hair in all of Devonport. (But, of god, Devonport has not escaped the scene kids. They're there as well. Not so much with the emos, but the horrible eighties hair with the lawnmower cuts and the random sections of bleach? Oooh yeah. All over the show.)

Got to see both Arsène Lupin and Golden Compass which is basically so much Eva Green that I was in the land of gorgeous happy. It's a good land.

I'm so glad I don't have to fly anywhere for a long time. I'm rather sick of planes right now, and not entirely fond of car trips either as we drove from one end of Tasmania and then back again. At least I got a few hours with a Nikki and a Lewi at Melbourne on the way over. That was beyond awesome to see them :)

I'm losing days. I thought it was NYE tonight but it's not, is it? Alison is confusing me by telling me there was a party! (Unless there is and it just isn't NYE? I'm so out of the loop!) Or is it, in fact, New Year's Eve? Hello? Where am I? Who am I? Will someone please return me to the Asylum for Wayward Girls before I become a danger to all?

Pointless music musing

Goo Goo Dolls are touring...but not leaving America. Auf der Maur is touring. Same deal there too. (Waa! Need MAdM!) Emilie Autumn's also American-only tour has been cancelled because Courtney Love is a giant crack whore has 'legal issues.' HIM are doing all of Europe by the looks of it. Do you think I could convince them Australia is in Europe? I mean, we are still under the British Monarchy and all. Close enough, right?

Sigh. I want my fav bands to come to Oz please. (Smashing Pumpkins don't seem to be doing any recent tours at all. Odd that.)

Killing Heidi are playing in Sydney. phfa would be more interested in that than I am. Seeing as she's becoming a groupie.

But Bond are playing in Melbourne on the 4th of November... *ponders* No. NaNo. Plus, trying to save money and not spend it. I'd have to buy ferry/plane tickets of to Melbourne AND concert tickets. Bad Circe. No.

For the non Australians:

ETA: I'm ridiculously fond of the guitar riffs in GGD's ‘What A Scene' *air guitars to it*
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