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Let me tell you, internets, it's hard work living with Jen

This morning, for some perverse reason, I ended up watching the last fifteen minutes of Camp Rock with Jen. That is fifteen minutes I will never again but will repeat in my mind forever.

I want new Supernatural eps but it's all on hiatus :( (Although maybe that's a good thing since I really don't like the story arc for this season. But I say nothing more so I don't spoil those who aren't up to it.)

But, oh my god, Repo! comes out on DVD January 20th and I AM GOING TO OWN IT HARDCORE ALL FOR MY ME!! It's kinda bullshit though, because the regular disc has hardly any extras and the deleted scenes (which should be like the basic Extra of Awesome) is only on the Blu-ray version. Who's freaking idea was that?? Rubbish! And the featurettes on both versions are completely different, so it seems whichever copy someone gets they get ripped off. LAME.

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Oh fingers, why you so cold?

There is a rat balanced rather precariously upon my head. He's going to fall and he knows it, which is why he keeps burying his claws in my scalp. Ow, Byron! He needs to learn to remain in more comfortable places. Not very bright is he.

Everyone is out now and the house is stupidly quite, which means I require music. And now that that's fixed in a minute I'm about to call someone to ask about an Othello audition. Because, mmmm, Othello. I haven't done any proper acting since high school so it's very possible I suck at it by now but, hey, it's just an audition. No harm in that. I wish I still had the singing voice I used to in my earlyish teens because then I could do muuusicals. I loves me some musicals.

Alison and I got out the first season of Queer As Folk last week and it was awesome, especially in the deja vu kind of way. Man, I used to love that show so much. I am discovering I am still quite fond. Jen got sucked into it as well toward the end of the season and now both she and Ali and flailing over Season Finale Dramah. It's funny ;D And then we watched the first episode of Dexter (with bubbly!) when it was on the telly the other night. Good, although I'm not yet sure what I make of it. I shall withhold judgement until I've seen a few more.

Sena brought around the latest episode of SPN and I now can't get the silly fake theme song out of my head:

Ghost, Ghost Facers! We go the places where the others will not!
Ghost, Ghost Facers! We stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!

Heh heh heh.

And, oh! The Sarah Conner Chronicles are going to start soon! Fuck yeah! I'm really hoping it's going to be good. Please wipe all memory of that terrible third film from my mind.

Flatemates FTW

Dean: SAMMY!
Jen and Sena: DEAN!!!

*cackles* You should hear how these girls squeal at the season finale (part 1) for Supernatural. It's hilarious! Sena CRIED! Don't let her deny it! My poor ears are tortured from hearing screams of fear, and "NOO!!!!" and "SAAAAAMMM!!!"

EDIT: Jen informs me she cried too, the big pussy.

So much for my faith and my beliefs

once when I had faith in the world
I thought people got what they deserved
I was so young and so naïve

now I've grown I've changed my mind
the world and god are really not that kind
but still I clung to my beliefs

I'm not angsty. The missing: just rock ^_^

I'd like like to state, for the record, that yesterday was St Patricks and I was sober. Appalling, right? Anyway, I took Ali and Sen along to the KAOS St Paddy's party - all of us lacking any green clothing - and we did the socialising thing. Alison and Sen were playing with BOYS. Which is just truly unacceptable. *shakes head sadly* Those girls. Don't know what to do with them.

Last weekend we - being the LFoD + Sen - managed to watch the entire first season of Supernatural, and we've now also finished all the episodes of season two she had burned. I wants more! I'm a sucker for any show that is all about urban legends and scary shit. And today we were going to watch more season one of X-Files, but the DVD peoples sent us Xena instead. I totally love X-Files. It's weird, cause I have sort-of memories of it but it was so long ago. I've also got the entire flat into it. I feel the pride. From Amazon UK I used my shiny new credit card (OH GOD THE DANGER) to order Spaced. Because it is awesome and Simon Pegg is made of cool.

I'm supposed to go into hospital sometime after Friday to get my tonsils yanked out. I don't like this. I disagree with the hospital and pain idea. And I haven't had tonsillitis since I got on the waiting list for this about a year ago. So bloody typical. Especially since I used to get it every month or so before that. Lecturers are also telling me that I should be starting certian essays now and I go !!! because I don't want to be all hospitaly and essay-y at the same time. I'm also planning to go to my dad's over Easter and that's when things are due and... !!!



But good news? I got more ratties. *hugs them* Two more in fact. And I'd put photos but my camera is sleeping. But now I have three rats and an awesome new cage for them. They're all such sweeties.

At some point today I'm actually going to have to get dressed so I can go round to Phil's and steal photos from him like I said I would. Hopefully the weather will decide if it wants to be stormy winter or boiling summer soon.