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RHPS: I'm going home

My health timing sucks

For the last week I have had a fever that has had me alternately writhing sickly under blankets or sweating away even though I've taken off all my possible clothing. (Yes, apparently I did just actually describe to you all what a fever is as it's an unknown word not often heard in the English language.)

Earthquakes continuing and news reports have not been helping the fact that I have been occasionally delusional. (Although my delusions mostly seemed to consist of thinking that fairy royalty was coming to take me away which is the same fever-invoked terror that I had when I was veryvery ill one night in Scotland five years ago. It's good that my fevers are consistent.)

We have water though. It's beautiful and amazing and showers- Oh god, I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful it is to have a shower again especially after my previous talk of fever-sweatiness.

I am getting back towards wellness, I think. I'm still sort of sort throaty and headachy but I haven't had to change my clothing layers in hours nor have I fallen down. WIN/WIN for Circe.

(Christchurch is not so much win but I don't want to talk about that today. I haven't even checked the news feeds since this morning. But I'm sure to do exactly that now that I've reminded myself.)

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My media player has, for some reason, deleted the last two letters of a song, thus making it read The Haunting (Somewhere In Tim. Somewhere in Tim? Well, I'm certianly not going in to find it.

In DL I'm getting to write incredibly fun and disgusting torture scenes in Shanghai. It kicks arse but I won't go into details since I know at least a few people on my flist are more squeamish than me. Mmmmm, sexy bloody torture.

In other boring news, I still have plague. It's gross, baby.