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Crazy European Sex!

Why is that the more sex is in a European movie, the more likely it is to end in PAINFUL TRAGEDY. European sex romps are so unrompy when Alison and I get them out.

So we've been sitting on the couch for the last four hours watching movies and spent half of it laughing, crying 'hee! penis!', or crying.

Y Tu Mama Tambien? So good. I've been meaning to see it for years and years but never got around to it. So. Fantastically. Fabulous. All filled with pain for something that had two sex scenes by the time it was three minutes in. Seventeen year old boys are hilarious. And Spanish is sexy.

And now we've just finished the French Ma Mere which was specifically rented because it has Louis Garrel in it, who is one of Raen's main crushes. He's quite a nummy treat. What can I say about it... what can I say... Hmmm, how about OH. MY. GOD. In fact, it was so painful that I've been saying "Oh. My. God." since it finished. Raen has been wandering around in traumatised silence. Because....OH MY GOD. If you're looking for a nice easy sex romp involving mother and son? Yeah, find another one. I mean, it was really good in a very painful way, but... I feel bad for every single person in that movie! :(

Next weekend we're doing the first three Batmans! :D

My point is.

Point One: Being ill sucks arse. It makes sleeping all stupid and difficult because your nose is all gross and stuffy. And this cold better die before Thursday, because I don't want to be sick when I'm flying. Or when I'm supposed to be having a good time in Nimbin >_<

Point Two: I forget. Which is really annoying, because I know I had a Point Two to go here. It probably had something to do with Rocky Horror, since we were watching that tonight.

Point Three: Where is Neil When You Need Him? is such an awesome album. I read Coraline today so I could get more of the references, and while I'm in Nimbin and on the plane I'm going to read Trader. I like music inspired by books. Makes me happy.

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hello everyone in the world! I have a fever and i cannot sleep anymore and wonder why is it so hot/cold in this room. i can't decided whether i want my blanket on or off

when i'm all delirious raen says i sound like river. Bwaha. Take that niiki i'm all a firefly person when i'm sick. hee.


I am really really horribly sick. My throat is attempting to rip it's way out of my body and only insane amounts of painkillers are keeping me from doubling over every time I swallow. But the worst part? Tommorrow is meant to be my first proper day at work. My first full day and I am going to feel so utterly awful if I have to call in sick! I suppose I don't have much choice if I wake up tommorrow like this anyway, huh? I doubt they want a dizzy, coughing, sniffing, crying girl serving food to people. *prays to be well tommorrow*

But the good news is that this time next week I shall have a room of my own. Yay for the house!