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Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial

I totally just showed my mum Repo! The Genetic Opera and she was totally enjoying it. Bwahaha. Score another to our team. (She's perhaps not converted as I doubt she'll ever watch it again, but she was interested and entertained.)

This means I've introduced every one of my friends to Repo and all of my parents! (All meaning mum, dad and my stepmum... who apparently didn't quite enjoy it so much. Heh.) Although I miss the forum days pre-movie, but just because I can't really keep up with stuff now because there's so many people and things there.

Noithing makes for a good night like a bottle of wine and Repo! and I am quite happily buzzed. Except no one else seems to be online to keep me entertained. You bastards.

Hahaha, mum just came back out and said "save me some pictures of that graverobber man and set one as my desktop... and I wouldn't mind if it was the Repo Giles either." She is SO caught.
-- PVC heroes to the rescue!

A neeeeeedle into a buuuug

I've decided that I'm going to try and slip Rob Zombie into the CD player at the gym to prevent another day of terrible pop songs entering my brain and not leaving forever. It's even worse when it's songs you only sort of know that are stuck.

I'm attempting to scare them out now with Repo! music instead. Bwaha, FEEL MY WRATH HEAD-MUSIC!

We took Jen into a sex shop for the first time today. It was very exciting. Her sweet darling brain is now a little more filthy. (Ha! Like we could even manage such a thing!)
Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

This post was brought to you by the letter...

Tonight there was an informal sewing group in the living room as we all try and finish garb before Canterbury Faire. (Oh man, so close. How much can I not wait for nine days of medievalness? The answer is A LOT.) I am not even half way around hemming the skirt on my GIANT freaking gown. It's going to take forever but it will be worth it. Everyone loves a huge skirt.

After sewing we didn't do much. Oh, except that we watched Repo!! OH MY GOD, FOR THE FRACKING WIN! :D It made me happy in my pants and in my soul. (The bits with Anthony Stewart Head singing and being evil made me especially happy in the pants region.)

How tempted am I to watch it again later tonight? SO VERY MUCH Not at all. Nope. None.

Musical and Medieval both start with an M. M is clearly awesome.

Let me tell you, internets, it's hard work living with Jen

This morning, for some perverse reason, I ended up watching the last fifteen minutes of Camp Rock with Jen. That is fifteen minutes I will never again but will repeat in my mind forever.

I want new Supernatural eps but it's all on hiatus :( (Although maybe that's a good thing since I really don't like the story arc for this season. But I say nothing more so I don't spoil those who aren't up to it.)

But, oh my god, Repo! comes out on DVD January 20th and I AM GOING TO OWN IT HARDCORE ALL FOR MY ME!! It's kinda bullshit though, because the regular disc has hardly any extras and the deleted scenes (which should be like the basic Extra of Awesome) is only on the Blu-ray version. Who's freaking idea was that?? Rubbish! And the featurettes on both versions are completely different, so it seems whichever copy someone gets they get ripped off. LAME.
Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

there must be a way out of here, said the joker to the thief

Even though I technically really couldn't afford it, I just ordered Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack from Amazon. I'm such a criminal usually when it comes to getting music but these two I just had to buy. Amanda said to buy it, and since she's usually so okay about people just downloading the Dresden Dolls stuff I figured it would be better to do as the lovely Miss Palmer tells me. She'd kick my arse.

And I had to buy Repo! because it deserves the support. Anything that gets it more mainstream attention is good. (And if people would stop only mention that it has That Hilton Creature in it, that would also be good. Damm reviewers.)

Although the uncool part is this: Delivery estimate: October 30, 2008 - November 20, 2008 Wat? Come on, Amazon! That's more than a month for items that you claim are in stock. Are you on crack? It's especially uncool since when we order stuff from Amazon.uk it generally arrives within the week. Lame. But I'll survive I have links to downloads until they arrive.

I remember, I dismember

Dammit! I missed seeing the Christchurch-based zombie movie at the film festival. Did anyone else in this fair city manage to go see it, and if so what did you think? It looked like it could have been a lot of fun. Very Shaun of the Dead but with added New Zealand.

I might drag Alison along to see Teeth because, lol, vagina dentata. And she wants to go see Let The Right One In which may or may not be about vampires, as I wasn't listening all that well when she told me about it.

The movie that should be showing is Repo! because, dammit, I'm way too excited about that muscial. But considering the fact that it is apparently only going to be opening on ten screens across the US, looks like I'll be waiting for DVD for this one. Bastards. But, mmmm, Anthony Steward Head should always sing. That man is so damn sexy. The Graverobber is also very hot. (And he reminds me of Alexei a lot.)