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BSG: Wat.

The weird and the drunk...

Had the weirdest conversation with quite drunk, almost asleep Alison last night.

Ali: ...the backdrop
Me: What was that?
Ali: I'm not the backdrop. The goatse backdrop.
Me: ...what?
Ali: If meat spin had a goatse backdrop, it wouldn't be me, right? I don't want to be the backdrop.
Me: um...okay?
Ali: I'm not a goaste backdrop?
Me: You're not a goatse backdrop.
Ali: Okay. *sleeps*

Wait...what? Alison has no memory of the conversation at all so she's no help in working out what she was on about. I lay all blame on W00t for this one, which I'm sure is pretty much correct.

The goatse backdrop to meat spin. Alright then...

Sidenote: Firefox doesn't believe 'goatse' is a word. Good firefox, remain in the dark.

I love having a journal that my parents read where I talk about Meat Spin and Goatse but, for the love of all things holy and unholy, DO NOT GOOGLE, parentals. Seriously. You loved and protected me as a child and now it's time for me to do the same thing for you. You don't even want to know.

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You know, back in the early days of this LJ (all the way back in November ) I used to update every day and yet these days it's nothing like that. Last post here was two and a half weeks ago. And yet I still spend most of my internet time on LJ. I'm just not usually in my own account. Damn dirty internet role playing.

I've decided that Raen is a dirty filthy lesbian and cannot be contained. Last night she found my Victoria Secret catalogue and began ferociously licking the cleavage of the models before working her way down. I worry for that girl sometimes. She's obviously completely deranged. Poor Miranda Kerr has gone all warpy now...

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Hey baby! I'm back in the USSR! And by that I, of course, mean New Zealand. And I thought I had some really fascinating things to say here but now that I'm typing I'm proving myself wrong on that front.

Tasmania was good, if a little weird. Everything was all very the same except for me. And, as predicted, I did in fact have the brightest hair in all of Devonport. (But, of god, Devonport has not escaped the scene kids. They're there as well. Not so much with the emos, but the horrible eighties hair with the lawnmower cuts and the random sections of bleach? Oooh yeah. All over the show.)

Got to see both Arsène Lupin and Golden Compass which is basically so much Eva Green that I was in the land of gorgeous happy. It's a good land.

I'm so glad I don't have to fly anywhere for a long time. I'm rather sick of planes right now, and not entirely fond of car trips either as we drove from one end of Tasmania and then back again. At least I got a few hours with a Nikki and a Lewi at Melbourne on the way over. That was beyond awesome to see them :)

I'm losing days. I thought it was NYE tonight but it's not, is it? Alison is confusing me by telling me there was a party! (Unless there is and it just isn't NYE? I'm so out of the loop!) Or is it, in fact, New Year's Eve? Hello? Where am I? Who am I? Will someone please return me to the Asylum for Wayward Girls before I become a danger to all?
X-Men: God help you if you are a Phoenix

It's okay; I'll be there to scare the villagers

I think my spam filter has been eating emails that aren't actually spam >_< I only just discovered this today, because as if I'm dedicated enough to sort through the millions of spams I get every day. But hopefully I've fixed it now and it won't eat things anymore. So if you've emailed me and I never replied: Hi! I'm not being rude! I probably just didn't know! (It's gmail being rude.)

The sun is glaring in my window and making it rather difficult to see the screen. But I will soldier on through the hard times, baby. Because in nine days I'll be in Nimbin, so how can anything possibly be bad about that? Nimbin, baby! And mum's currently booking me tickets for Christmas in Tassie. I am a jet setting superstar and you better believe it, cupcake.

Mmmm, I wish I had a cupcake.

I am currently downloading Into the Woods, because my DVD of said musical is beyond dead. (Yes, Sequoia. A MUSICAL. Try not to vomit directly on your screen.) Downloading is taking forever. Grargh. But then Raen and I are going to sit round, eat crap, and sing along to fairy tales. I am SO HARDCORE you can barely comprehend it.

Aaaaand an email from mum just now informs me that Tasmania is 18th - 29th of December. Holy shit it's going to be weird to be back there.

(PS to Raen: Hilary Rhoda + Crystal Renn = Totally sisters. y/n?)