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WW: This side of that dark line

The fact that I haven't been in a threesome with Morticia and Gomez is my life's heartbreak

Christmas day was spent with Lara and Laura and Ariadne (because we can't get rid of her) and there was White Wine In The Sun (because it has to now be capitalised) and we ate lots of noms and sat around watching films: Clue, The Addams Family, The Ring 2, Dungeons and Dragons, and Ghostbusters 2.

Dungeons and Dragons is the funniest movie I have ever seen. Oh god, you guys, I can't even fully describe it.

And The Ring 2 isn't scary at all except for when Samsara comes crawling up the side of the well at the end which was PURE UNDILUTED NIGHTMARE FUEL and suddenly my cool collectedness was flying all over the couch and squealing. I didn't hold with that, Samara, but thank you for not being in the verydark driveway just now when I walked Laura out. (Lara kept making comments about how Naomi Watts had to watch out because she was hanging out with Satan, and we decided there was a secret pact that The Ring series was only allowed to have Australian/New Zealand actors in it.)

Alison is at the coast and an Alisonless LFoD is a sad and wrong LFoD.

It's now 11.30 so... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. I'll catch you on Boxing Day. (DISCLAIMER: All previously mentioned catching will be online only as I plan to not leave the house even a little.)

Now... TO THE TEA!
X-Men: Deadpool/thought bubbles = BFFs

Deadpool would have handled this shit with grace.

Let me tell you about me and Lara's exciting evening!

Okay, so there was a Mexican night at Cath and Jen's and we all had noms and wonderfulness and Lara and I decided we'd take off and catch the earlier bus home, perhaps not taking into account that it was a Friday night in a kind of crappy area of the city.

All is going well until we're halfway across one of the little side streets and this arsehole comes hooning around the corner. Since he's the speeding dickhead we sort of had little choice but to get the hell back off the road and stand there on the sidewalk. Dickhead pauses at the corner slams his horns and yells at us 'FUCK YOU!' Then, because my mouth goes before my brain does, I turn and yell out at the car, "EAT ME, BITCH!"

We keep walking and dickhead slams on his brakes and come screeching back towards us. Lara's pulling out her phone and whispering 'oh shit, oh shit,' but I was just seeing red. I was thinking Fuck you, mate, because you're in the goddamn wrong here and if you think I'm going to let you intimidate me then there's no way in hell that I'm backing down.

Which is STUPID because not only haven't I been in a real fight since I high school, this guy could be some huge kickboxer with a knife for all I know. But, no, adrenalin said bitch, let's fucking go!

I'm glad that he didn't get out of the car and after letting the car sit for a moment took of again. (At the time I actually felt a little let down.) edit: re-reading this makes it sound like I think I'm some sort of tough chick. I'm not. I'm a rubbish wimp which makes my emotional decision to want to fight this guy all the more ludicrous as I'm fully aware of the pummeling that would follow.)

The tortillas were awesome though.
BH: You keep making tea!

This post is all about panic and parents, it seems

I don't need to panic! I DO NOT NEED TO PANIC.

I'm totally panicking.

Travelling always does this to me! Ali is going out and went and had coffee whereas I am running around the house in a tizzy worrying. I'm not even PACKING, I'm just worrying. This would be much more productive if the packing was actually happening. Alison reminds me that it's still 20 hours until we go but I am NOT COMFORTED.

Blaaah, I am rubbish. (I do this same thing before we have drinkies here as well. I run around the house flailing that the house isn't ready for people! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!)

Anyway, we're off to Nimbin tomorrow and we even scored an airport ride from Ali's parents. It's like we're being passed between the parents. Alison's dad will drop as off at international and then my dad will pick us up and maybe we should have those cute little Unaccompanied Minor stickers. (I hated those name UM stickers. They meant you had to sit in a crappy little room with air hostesses while all the grown ups got to go explore the airport. All I wanted to do as a flying kid was have McDonalds, was that too much to ask? I'm digressing like whoa here.)

Ali's dad is coming to rip our deck up: HOLY CRAP EXCITING! I am so not packing when I could be watching that! I want to see what sort of crazy shit they're going to find underneath it. Wish me monsters!

Panic and procrastination - I am made of GLORY.
-- Teach me passion for I fear it's gone

Morning tea comes in a big frakking mug (a big frakking mug? A big frakking mug.)

My sleeping hours have become from before ten to around six. Alison informs me that this is practically normal sleeping habits. HOW CAN IT BE NORMAL WHEN IT'S DARK IN THE MORNINGS. I don't hold with this shit at all.

And now I'm sitting here wondering if the bins went out last night or I should do it now, but to be perfectly honestly I don't even want to check because it's raining and *checks internet* seven degrees. (Actually I think it might be colder than that inside, MetService. Dammit.)


Mmmm, tea. Mmmm, Zydrate.
GS: Burn this whole world down

Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace

LFoD drinkies tonight means I have to clean my room. As one can understand this is a horrible thing for me to face and I have to remove to poets so I can vacuum. (Rats? Strangely not fond of the very loud sucking machine. Who would have thought it?) Uuuuugh, task too daunting. Abort. Abort.

Slave auction and party last night was pretty damn awesome even if I was - shock horror - sober. (See, mum? Totally not a drunk ;P) Had heaps of fun actually and did my regular trick of stealing leather jackets from the nearest male. It remains one of my very favourite games.

I want to end this on something really witty, but alas I have nothing.

EDIT: Hats make me look like a twat.

Rock on, my bitches.


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Oh fingers, why you so cold?

There is a rat balanced rather precariously upon my head. He's going to fall and he knows it, which is why he keeps burying his claws in my scalp. Ow, Byron! He needs to learn to remain in more comfortable places. Not very bright is he.

Everyone is out now and the house is stupidly quite, which means I require music. And now that that's fixed in a minute I'm about to call someone to ask about an Othello audition. Because, mmmm, Othello. I haven't done any proper acting since high school so it's very possible I suck at it by now but, hey, it's just an audition. No harm in that. I wish I still had the singing voice I used to in my earlyish teens because then I could do muuusicals. I loves me some musicals.

Alison and I got out the first season of Queer As Folk last week and it was awesome, especially in the deja vu kind of way. Man, I used to love that show so much. I am discovering I am still quite fond. Jen got sucked into it as well toward the end of the season and now both she and Ali and flailing over Season Finale Dramah. It's funny ;D And then we watched the first episode of Dexter (with bubbly!) when it was on the telly the other night. Good, although I'm not yet sure what I make of it. I shall withhold judgement until I've seen a few more.

Sena brought around the latest episode of SPN and I now can't get the silly fake theme song out of my head:

Ghost, Ghost Facers! We go the places where the others will not!
Ghost, Ghost Facers! We stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!

Heh heh heh.

And, oh! The Sarah Conner Chronicles are going to start soon! Fuck yeah! I'm really hoping it's going to be good. Please wipe all memory of that terrible third film from my mind.
-- Starry Night Bat-signal

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Oh man, I wish I was making cupcakes right now. Raen's icon makes me crave them like mad but since we're shopping this afternoon the pantry will be rather empty of cupcake making supplies at the moment. But there will be cupcakes for the drinkies this Friday. Because we are a ladies flat and we do ladies things, like brightly decorated cupcakes. And metric shit tons of tequila. I'll throw some of those little silver balls into it all.

First medieval feast was good although by the end I felt like I was going to explode from the amount of food I'd eaten. Especially the pottage cheese and bread. We stole more from the table next to us. And then after the feast we came back to the LFoD and watched the last two Batman movies. Batman Forever was a lot better when I was twelve. I remember them being a very good movie. How very very wrong I was. And we all already expected the horror of Batman and Robin, for no one has the power to block the ice-related puns from memory. We marked them all down on the sliding door in the living room so we will never forget. Someone who wasn't me also drew a stick man doing obscene things to Catwoman. Can't trust any one these days.

Alison keeps making fun of Baudelaire for being the Goodyear Rat. Poor thing! He's going to get a rodent self esteem issue, the little fatty.

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Were there any justice at all in the world, the flatmates who were much drunker than me last night should be suffering from horrible hangovers. However, it appears that I am the only one this morning feeling the effects of last nights partying. Uuuuuggggh.

Excellent party though. Had lots of fun. Details are mostly unimportant, but dancing and friends more certainly are. You people I know who entertain me for hours on end: You rock the rock that keeps on rocking. Keep it up, you sexy beasts.

I managed to leave my coat there because finding something grey in a dark, crowded room isn't the easiest of things. I'll have to remember to go and see if it's around.

Couture > Almost everything else

Why would I want to be packing when I could be looking at fashion? Galliano remains a God among designers, and Gaultier is right there with him. They're both far too fantastic.

Also, I love Voltaire. The singer and not the writer, though I've got nothing against him. But the singer is my most recent musical acquisition. (Which sort of makes it sound like he's living in a box under my bed.) I, in fact, am willing to have a child simply so I can sing it 'Goodnight Demon Slayer' as a lullaby. Because it's so sweet. I might just borrow Raen's when she decides she wants to pop some out. And he's a geek, with songs like 'Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap)' and 'The USS Makes Shit Up.' How can I not love that? (And he uses the word 'gorram' *glee*)

Lyric spamming. Because 'If I Only Were A Goth' is totally classic. Collapse ) Download

On the other music front: HIM's new album comes out in September. Released single? Big fat disappointment. And The Pumpkins still suck.

Tomorrow my flight leaves for Australia at 3.45 in the afternoon. (An afternoon flight? Surely you jest! It's unheard of!) so now I need to a) pay enough attention to my poets to last them a week, b) finish packing my suitcase, and c) find some dinner and a cup of tea.

My kingdom for a cup of tea.