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Boosh: I'm pretty good

Mmmm, easter eggs.

I just found the Easter Egg on the season three Mighty Boosh DVD of Bollo auditioning to be the Cadbury's gorilla. Adorable. Oh Bollo, I do so love you.

Tonight Ali and I went over to Cath and Jen's place (Ness there too- THE LFOD REUNITED!) for a desert night which meant, oh lord, so much sweet om noms we all thought we'd explode. Cath also made something wobbling and pink and penis-like once she'd given it mint ice-cream testicles. She is filthy.

Unrelated to Boosh (I promise): I really want another tattoo. So very much. I've been having plans and sketches and the like. (I'm thinking a giant Noel Fielding chestpiece in metallic blue and gold, what do you think? It'd be the mirrorball suit. Very classy and subtle. I'll use my nipples for the eyes.)
|| AP:  Killer king

I'm in the basement, you're in the sky...

This weekend I'm going to get to see Neil Gaiman. It's only started really kicking in in the last day or so and now I'm sort of like !!! about it. NEIL. MEETING NEIL. I think I might faint, you guys. He's so !!!

I'll also be seeing Amanda Palmer on the same weekend and then again the next weekend. I feel so shiny and awesome. And tonight we're finishing Battlestar and that is pretty damn shiny as well.

Life is sweet. I'm kind of thrilled to be a part of it right at this moment.

Where is Neil when you need him?

Why did I not know of the existance of this?? A tribute album to Neil Gaiman featuring Tori Amos, Tapping the Vein, Rasputina, and Voltaire?

Yes please!

See, now I have to suffer with the knowledge that it exists and I don't have it. How difficult my life is. *dramatic sigh*

Season three Hitcher is different to the previous Hitcher. This makes me sad. Maybe I'll change my mind later on in the season though. I have only seen him in one episode.

trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob (Also known as: It's all about the Boosh.)

It has come to my attention after watching too much of The Mighty Boosh live DVD that I would totally sleep with The Hitcher. This is interesting considering that he is both a) sadistically evil, and b) umm, green. Although technically in the live show he isn't green!

It's the cockney accent. I'm sure of it.

everybodylookatthemoon! everybodyseesthemoon!

Man, I love this show. No one we know outside of our flat even gets what we're talking about. But it'll be on C4 soon. Which is good but... only cool people are allowed to like it here! Yes, I can't stop everyone in all of England liking it if they're tards, but that's not here. The scenesters are going to latch. Look at Vince and tell me they're not going to latch!

Boosh! Boosh! Stronger than a Moose!

I may have been downloading music.

Everyone is out at work/school and it's only 8.30. This is all wrong. It's not the natural order of things!

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