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BSG: Cylons FTW

It's a post about me feeling sick. Just thrilling, I assure you.

You ever notice how a house always feels and sounds more empty when you know people have gone actually far away for a long time and instead of just them being out at work of whatever? Yeah, the house is like that right now.

Alison and Lara have both gone south to roadtrip to Te Anu. I was supposed to go as well but I am still sick as I have been for the last almost-two weeks. So here I stay to continue sleeping it off. But it's not as bad as it was and I haven't needed to go into the after hours clinic since last Saturday. Which I think is a pretty good score. But my throat hurts less and my body aches less so mostly now I'm just 'general sick' and not 'PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE' sick as I've been.

I'm hoping to get some NaNo done while they're away. This is the first day that my brain has actually felt on to think of anything original and I had decided to start NaNo on the very day that I fell ill. So, yeah, nothing's happened. We'll see how it goes. I realised I haven't written anything original since about 2007. That's just... depressing. I used to think of myself as a writer, but that's kind of bullshit. Anyway, I'll give it a go between bouts of sleeping. Because sleep is my mistress. My sexy sexy mistress who makes my throat die when I wake from her. But still, I love her.

It's that time of year again...

Emilie Autumn's CD rocks my socks. The woman is made of awesome. I'm also going through this whole AFI addiction which must totally make me some sort of Mall Goth but I can't seem to care.

NaNo. Midnight. Oh God. Nikki and I discuss the plotlines:

(Raen, run away. The 'C' words are mentioned!)

persephone_20: *prepares for nano*
_honeyspider: I'M NOT PREPARED! I don't know what happens after the first three paragraphs! but I have torture and drugs and corrupted angels and angry fairy boys and giant headchopping machines and funny named people and gratuitous sex and violence. it needs no plot!
persephone_20: I want sex. I might try for sex on a dancefloor. *pens it down* I, who writes erotica for a living... don't have any sex... wow
_honeyspider: I bet I could write crucifixion sex. ... Is that too fucked up even for me?
persephone_20: oooh, no go where your muse dictates
_honeyspider And cannibalism. Cannot forget cannibalism. It's one of the classics. Someone has sex with someone who's crucified while eating them? ... There really is something wrong with my brain that I think this is an awesomely cool idea, isn't there?
persephone_20: Ali won't be reading it, but I will
_honeyspider: YOU SICKO.
persephone_20: I can't seem to help myself, even if it's really .... bad. unless the writing sucks. Which yours (unfortunately) doesn’t.
_honeyspider: I'll try not to suck. Only well written disgustingness for you!

I don't know why I associate with Nikki. She's obviously a terrible influence. Don't worry. I won't be posting my NaNo here so you can all avoid torture and grusomeness ala Circe. I do so enjoy writing it! (NaNo stuff will mostly all be posted over at _everdream)

Also, my hair is one again Red like whoa. Yes, I am wearing a tiara. I found it the other night and have barely taken it off since. I am a shiny shiny princess. Feeeeear.
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NaNo is Teh Fun

Ooooh, it's coming up to that time of year again, folks. Only a few days left until NaNo. *makes sounds of awe*

Last year I spent ages on the notice boards there and this year I haven't posted a thing. Terrible! Anyway, I'm Circe. (Yay for last year's account!)

I do wonder how I'll go this year...finished easily last year but...meh. Who knows. I suspect trips to Melbourne and Nikki coming down to visit after that...dents, man. These things will make dents. Ah well. It's all in fun.

My plot is- more than likely- going to be set in my fantasy world. But the uber dark & disturbing story I wanted to do has replaced itself. (Basically because my muse wants to write about Sable again. *hugs her lovely heroines*)

Oh no. Muses. I'd forgotten what they were like during NaNo. Dorian must be banished from my room or he'll drive me crazy. (Grey, not Heirs!Dorien, Raen ^_^)

Anyone else got any elusive plot ideas ready to write about? Or you just going to write and hope something shows up?
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