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X-Men: A good ol' disemboweling

Halloween and quizy things

Friday night was the KAOS Halloween party and I went as The Grudge. It was badarse and there were compliments on the creepy, but alas I don't have any other photos than that one of me creeping at the door of the LFoD.

On Saturday night we did our now annual horror movie Halloween with candy and delicious and scary ourselves silly. The movie selection this year was Mirrors, The Ward, Hide & Seek, and Skeleton Key. (Our warm-up during the week was Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes and Scream 4.)

In the middle of all this stuff we had a girly tea-party. Because.

I am 172 centimeters tall.
This makes me taller than 25.1% of men and 85.7% of women.



I was having this discussion yesterday with Lara about how I always think that I'm average height or just below average, probably because most of my friends are at least a half an inch taller than me and because both of my parents are taller. I still wish I was taller though. I feel more like my 'proper' height in a pair of high heels, which is why I don't really like wearing flats. (The 'living with people who skew the average' is the reason I always think of myself as still being flat-chested when I'm a C. I blame living with three girls who were DDs and above.)

Alison is doing NaNo right now, you guys! SHE'S A FOOL!
Rosie: To gathering time

4am airport trip, my old friend...

The blindingly fantastic artemisofluna has once again DUMPED ME HORRIBLY AND ABANDONED ME TO BE A TEARY MESS left our New Zealand shores. We had rather a whirlwind time with her (a week is nowhere near long enough!) and the number of DVDs (as well as kettles and electric frying pans) has doubled... or maybe more than doubled in regards to the DVDs. Girl love her TV shows. We had Mexican Cafe times, showed her the entirely of The Mighty Boosh, lay in the Gardens and dozed in the sun, shopped for sensible grown up house things, jumped all over beds that didn't belong to us, consumed our weight in popcorn, and failed to find a coffee maker that suited our requirements. The LFoD requests that she come back right now and play more.

NaNo news: I've not written a word since Lara came over - as is fair - and now I have to write about four thousand a day if I want to finish. And I do, so I will. But... not right now.
Judith: My pulse has been rising

This is me not being ready!

NaNo starts tomorrow at midnight! Ohshit!

I have a whole cast of characters to write about, but the plot at the moment is so very loose. I'm hoping that I'll just start writing and it will all form itself. Hopefully. All that is important is that it's about 17th century Dutch werewolves, baby. I am going to not worry too much about historical accuracy with this because, well, it's NaNo and not exactly something I'm going to try and get published or anything.

If you're interested, I'll be it all up at _everdream. It's locked so you'll have to join the comm to read it though. I just don't like having all my writing out in public :)

It's cold and I have to go get milk :/

But Lara will be here in exactly to weeks! :D
Carnivale: In this fall from grace

I will spend November writing about sociopathic 17th century werewolf families

I'm now all signed up for NaNoWriMo. I haven't done it seriously for years and I didn't even sign up last year at all. This year I plan to rock it though! And actually, you know, complete it. I've had such a run of fails on that >_< (My account is here in case anyone else is already on the site.)

This journal was actually made for me to keep track of NaNo the first year I did it, back when it was diantha_malfoy - thank fuck for rename tokens, way back in the days when you needed invites/codes. (I blame the lack of those to my eleventy-thousand RPG accounts. LJ is such an enabler.)


Have you ever tasted love like this, cool and smooth?

Argh. I think my mp3 player has broken. It plays fine, but it refuses to put any new files on it. I shall have to fiddle in the hopes it'll fix itself. Bwaha. PWNED. Now I just need to work out how to get these bloody m4a files to play on WMP, or work out how to convert them.

Hi, it's 6am. Bet you're shocked to see me awake.

Also, I wasn't going to do NaNo. I'm not even signed up or anything. And yet last night I started a NaNo. About zombies. I blame my recent music choices and the fact that I'm otherwise running out of supernaturals to use. So... yeah. Children shouldn't play with dead things, baby. And there will be sex in it, which means it's one of Ali's favourite things in the whole world: NECROPHILIA YAY! (I'm glad she's asleep now and thus can't hit me.)

And noooow: bed!

A girl can't wear black these days.

Some fourteen year old brats on bikes just called me Emo.


I was walking along, minding my own buisness thinking about how my parents didn't understand me but My Chemical Romance did when these boys call out across the street.

"Eeeeemoooo! Eeeeemmmooo!"
"Hey, you're a little late for Halloween!"

I'm tramuatised and offended. Emo! EMO?? *cries along to MCR*

I haven't opened NaNo for two days. I'm thinking I should do that now.

A gothic play revival

NaNo is coming along slowly. And by that I mean I'm at least over the miniumum word count as long as a I write a little more today. It's descended into sort of this creation mythologies of the faerie race at the moment. Which was unexpected but sort of gives me a plot, actually. (Which: Hallalujah.) So it now involves a dark Spider Goddess who created the faeries and now she's going to come and...do something.

It's a half plot really. It does confirm two things about me though: 1. I'm incapable of writing any type of traditional faerie as mine have decended into strong flesh eating enemies of the human race, and 2. How many Spider related Goddesses/All powerful beings can I make? Seriously. It needs to stop!

We had fireworks here on Sunday night and did the exploding things game. I'm not sure whose idea it was to start putting them under the big road cone but it was genius and very pretty. Plus the cone did that whole cool melty thing. Thus meaning I couldn't bring it home and add it to my collection, though. ... Not that I have one of those.

So...now I should go write, but it looks like I'm going to make graphics instead. I suck hard, baby.
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