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Ruslana: Mah book learnin's

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Home sweet home!

Yesterday I was waiting around Melbourne airport for about four hours. Might have been less dull were they not renovating the international lounge because there's hardly anything there now and for breakfast I had the WORST $15 hot chocolate and chicken sandwich EVER. warm water with some cocoa sprinkled over does NOT a five dollar hot chocolate make.

But now I am home and I've slept and I have TEA and I'm all dressed up and ready to go out to the masquerade party tonight. I have to get on a Saturday night bus with my face painted up though, which will be fun. (By 'fun' read 'youth of the world and their douchebagness'.)

Waiting for Ali now and then we shall be off into the night!

Miss my mummy ♥
Kemet: Chaos is calling

Drinking and Melbourne and Mummies.

So I just found the wiki page for Tablero (which is the seriously awesome drinking game we love to play at medieval things) and down the bottom it has a note that says: Tablado (appropriately pronounced 'Tah-blotto') is a form of Tablero in which hard alcohol is used. This form of the game is not recommended because pulling a line could cause the player to drink a minimum of 3 shots of alcohol in a very short time span. The chances of a player suffering alcohol poisoning as a result of this are extremely high, with a significant risk of death. ... does this mean we should stop playing tablero with tequila and vodka? (It's best with spiced wine anyway, especially since we've always got lots of that.)

On a slightly less alcoholic note: On the 23rd of May I'm going to Melbourne! Just for a few days but it is going to be DOUBLE MUMMIES ACROSS THE SKY! Because it's going to be my mummy and me in a hotel and having fun times and general loveliness and King Tut's mummy as we're going to this and can I even begin to tell you how excited I am about that? No, I can't. Because, holy shit, Egypt. Egypt Egypt Egypt. Expect tears of excitement and love. (My poor mother is going to have to deal with me while this is happening: spare a thought for the poor woman.)

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Hey baby! I'm back in the USSR! And by that I, of course, mean New Zealand. And I thought I had some really fascinating things to say here but now that I'm typing I'm proving myself wrong on that front.

Tasmania was good, if a little weird. Everything was all very the same except for me. And, as predicted, I did in fact have the brightest hair in all of Devonport. (But, of god, Devonport has not escaped the scene kids. They're there as well. Not so much with the emos, but the horrible eighties hair with the lawnmower cuts and the random sections of bleach? Oooh yeah. All over the show.)

Got to see both Arsène Lupin and Golden Compass which is basically so much Eva Green that I was in the land of gorgeous happy. It's a good land.

I'm so glad I don't have to fly anywhere for a long time. I'm rather sick of planes right now, and not entirely fond of car trips either as we drove from one end of Tasmania and then back again. At least I got a few hours with a Nikki and a Lewi at Melbourne on the way over. That was beyond awesome to see them :)

I'm losing days. I thought it was NYE tonight but it's not, is it? Alison is confusing me by telling me there was a party! (Unless there is and it just isn't NYE? I'm so out of the loop!) Or is it, in fact, New Year's Eve? Hello? Where am I? Who am I? Will someone please return me to the Asylum for Wayward Girls before I become a danger to all?

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"Errol Flynn was born in Launceston and was well known for his 13 inch penis. The Hollywood ladies liked him! How's that for trivia?"


My mum sends me the most random emails...

As a sidenote, does anyone else get their comments sent to gmail? And if so, is gmail letting you reply to them or is it coming up with an error message? *frowns*

Lost rocks, btw. Just realised I'd never mentioned my new found love for this show. We're on... *thinks* episode 4 tonight? I think so. (Although, I've possibly been cheating and have read up to 17 on TWoP).

The saddest part? I'm going to want to madly make Lost icons once in the house but all the cool ideas have already been done a thousand times. Ah well.


Also, bwa ha! Sawyer was in Angel! *does the dance of shmooshy fandoms*
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So yesterday I sat down and turned the TV on to discover the beginnings of the midday movie. I'm bored so I stay and absorb the stupidity. And then a few minutes later the words 'Jubilation Lee' come up one screen and I go 'OMGWTFBBQ???'

Turns out the show was the infamous 'Generation X' movie I'd heard about. It hurt me precious. In so so so many ways. How do they fit so much wrong in one movie? I felt sorry for Emma Frost :( So, yeah, I sat and watched the whole movie as it raped two of my favourite characters. Stupidmovie.

So in the add break I decided to explain to mum exactlly what was wrong with the movie and give an entire history of Jubilee, Emma Frost, and Monet to do so.

Mum: You're obsessed.
Me: I'm not obsessed!
Mum: Ob-sessed.
Me: Not. Obsessed. The movie is wrong!
Mum: And you're obsessed.
Me: I'm not- guh! *leaves room*
Mum: *voice trails down hall* obseeeeeeesseeeed.
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Movie ravings.

Karl Urban is Hot.

Karl Urban in leather is Hot.

Karl Urban speaking in another language is really Hot.

Karl Urban with a gun is really really Hot.

Add all these things together and it equals Dead Circe.

So why was my mother shocked that I was hyperventilating everytime he was on screen in the Bourne Supremancy tonight?

Me: OMG! You killed Karl Urban! You suck, Matt Damon!
Mum: He was the bad guy.
Me: He was the Karl Urban!

My entire reflection on this movie boils down to two things:

one: The whole movie filmed with hand held cameras, while not Blair Witch-y, was still annoying.
two: Karl Urban.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must make Karl icons. *goes to find pics*

Music is Bounce! *bounces*

Why is it that most of the time when I go into the CD store I don’t find anything I like, but sometimes there’s approximately 20 things? It’s some sort of evil conspiracy. And by the time mum was done in the chemist and came up to meet me she found me standing there helplessly with an armful of CDs. She managed to pry half of them away (“Nooo, I need HIM’s greatest hits! What do you mean I don’t need another Something for Kate album?? But-but-but the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack wants to come home with me!”) so I heartbrokenly ran away from her with what I had left- Kill Bill Soundtrack, Bond’s new album, the ‘Vieuphoria’ Smashing Pumpkins DVD, ‘Just Like You’ Three Days Grace- and put them on layby. Mum caught up with me at the counter and ended my diabolical cackling that the least expensive item was coming home with me.

Mum: Shouldn’t you be using your money to buy clothes?
Me: Pah. Who needs clothes? I shall run about as God intended.
Mum: Naked. With a discman.
Me: Yes!
Mum: God intended you to be the crazy naked woman listening to Smashing Pumpkins?
Me: Isn’t it obvious?

There was also a whole part about ‘Music is more important that clothes! Music is life!’ which I think should be a winning quote to get me a job there if I ever wanted it. (Actually. I wonder if they need any help in there? Probably not, but I should look into it.)

So I have my single with my three fancy songs. (Raen, ‘Just Like You’ is the most Diantha/Darius song I have ever heard. I could be mean, I could be angry, you know I could be just like you.’Which was part of the reason I liked it so much…) Waa. Want the albums. I suppose going down and paying them off tomorrow defeats the purpose of laybying them? Sigh. I shall just have to wait. And watch my shiny new Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits DVD.

You know, my mother have a point about how much of my money goes on music…


So I didn't end up seeing Spiderman 2 last night. I instead spent the evening with Migraine From Hell. He's lovely. Sends his regards to all who weren't there. So my family all went and saw it without me. (Mum's comment when I asked this morning being 'I liked the first one better')

Sigh. This means I'll have to go see it sometime during the week. I also have the see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind cause that just opened at well. Ah, movies.

Me: No problem. I'll just go see it later.
Mum: I don't want to see Spiderman again.
Me: And If I'd said 'we' this would be a problem.
Mum: You're going to go by yourself?
Me: ... Yes, mum. I believe, at 19, I am capable of going to the movies.
Mum: *abject horror* You can't watch a movie by yourself. You have to go with friends!
Me: Why? When did this law come in?
Mum: It's always been the way it's done. You'll look like a big loser!
Me: ... Thanks, mum.

So, yes, it's nice to see that our mother/daughter standards are in no way messed up. Except for the part where they are.

Mum: Go! Frolic! Take drugs as long as I don't see you! Drink copious amounts of alcohol! Oooh, look at that cute boy over there with the motorcycle and the many piercings! Why don't you go flirt with him a little?
Me: ...
Mum: I'm not asking you to marry him. Just flash some boob.
Me: !!!
Mum: You're no fun at all. Let's go watch porn.

Dear mum, if you ever read this, (Which you don't) your part may have been a little edited in this conversation, but you know perfectly well that it wasn't by very much, missy.

I'm going to make icons now. For what? Who knows. I just know that I haven't made any for at least a day and I think that might be damaging or something.

Why don't I have any music playing?

Ahh, fixed.

Today I'm either going to dye my hair or grab the pair off scissors sitting in my eyesight and cut it all off. Or I'll probably just shove it off my face and pretend it's not there. Pout. All I want is pretty hair and 6 million other things is that too much to ask?

You know, it's just wrong when a song is almost too long to fit in that little box *shakes head* It’s eleven am, I’m going to have breakfast (hee! I just wrote ‘Elven am’ which amuses me a lot. Also, my spell checker was no help there.)
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Eva: Maturity is over-rated

Ooooh, deep thoughts.

When I woke up yesterday at 4am with cramps so bad I thought they were attempting to kill me, I wished Lupin would show up and give me some chocolate. But then I thought I might bit his hand instead. Which lead me to Wonder Things.

If a werewolf bites a person, they are cursed to be a wolf three nights a month.

Well, if a person bit, let's say, a Squirrel, would that squirrel be doomed to be a person? A weresquirril! cursed to walk as a man! (or woman!) They'd run around and turn into people going 'maaaaah!!'

And then mum just walked in and mocked my theory. Which is rude.

mum: That doesn't work.
me: Does too!
mum: ... What if the squirrel bites the person?
me: Oh! Then they become a weresquirril too! and one the full moon they turn into a squirrel when the squirrel is a person!
mum: And the person!weresquirrel would sit on the kitchen counter stuffing it's cheeks with nuts.
me: Precisely.

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Atten moment_of_sen & phfa!

I am still awake! *laughs manically*

mum: Please don't honestly tell me you're seeing how long you can stay awake for.
me: *shifty*
mum: ... You'll make yourself sick.
me: will not! I'm not even at the paranoia stage! *shrieks and jumps up on sofa* Did you hear that???
mum: ... that was the cat. in the hallway
me: waaa.

Never the less, I'm still awake and this is the point!
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