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Bad action films made me who I am

How bad does this look?

How much will I totally be seeing it?

Don't pretend that Conan the Barbarian wasn't an important part of your childhood! ...or maybe that was just mine? You know... looking back on it... Arnold Swarchenegger really was quite involved in my formative years: Terminator(s), Predator(s), Conan(s), Total Recall (which SCARRED ME, If you're reading this, mother!)

But this Conan is different. Because this Conan is Jason Momoa and I want into his pants. Like every sane person should.

King Arthur!


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Now I must go find some Arthur/Lancelot fics. And some Lancelot/Arthur/Guinevere fics. OT3, baby. I also must make more icons. Since I’ve actually seen it they might be actually, you know, good ^_^

Oh, and the trailers. I’m such a geek. One of my fav parts of the movies, is the trailers.

Riddick: Karl Urban. Judi Dench. Sci Fi adventure without plot but lots of killing and other fancy things = seeing.
Bourne Supremacy: omg Karl Urban looks utterly shagable in this and there is therefore no way I am missing this. Karl! Hot! Baddie! Gun! *hyperventilates and dies*
The Village: This would scared the living daylights out of me… I’m so seeing it. Plus, Joaquin Phoenix is always good.