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Last night we went to see Ed Byrne and there may have been some fangirlish squeeing and there was definitely laughing until my stomach hurt and my face ached. Which is the best kind of laughing ever. He and Bill Bailey are my favourite stand-up comedians and now I've seen them both live! (I may have a wee crush on Ed after last nights show, but that's because he's adorable and funny and a huge huge dork and he looks cute in glasses. Plus he made awesome comments about feminism and HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS MAN?)

Plus he really loves the word cunt and uses it as a random descriptor. And cunt, my friends, is a fabulous word. (It's got a fantastic hard bite to it. It's like slut, which is also a fantastic word. Lord, I do make it difficult to be offended. Besides, I call all of my friends by both of those words quite regularity and mean them with utter adoration, so they don't really come off as curse words to me any longer. Which is a problem when you call them out at people across a room and then realise that, actually, maybe you should probably shut right up now. Oh shit... where did these brackets start and why? It's a rogue bracket and now I'm not sure how to get out of it. I am trapped in bracket world, where all things are said in a soto voice. Just don't panic. Brackets are like quicksand - they can smell fear.)

I will be in Australia between the 2nd-23rd of August :D Because of this we're not having Alison's party on the Friday 1st like we'd planned because we don't care to have to fly at 6am with hangovers. (And not drink? What the fuck are you on about?) So we'll likely hold our combined drinkies/party thing the weekend before. So... 24th/25th of July? Does that conflict with anyone? (Probably.) If so then we'll have it some other time or just refuse to celebrate at all and thus remain eternally young.

I am so not going back to even check how much of this has been typoed because I'm just that kind of person. ENJOY MY 6AM TYPOS. THEY ARE A GIFT. KEEP THEM. (Like Arwen's left breast my heart.)

It's raining and it's been raining on and of for days and I am in love with it. It's delightful and fills the world with happiness... and puddles. Puddles of joy. (Actually, no, that sounds really wrong. Pretend this whole last paragraph didn't actually happen. Ohshit, brackets! Frak!)
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The theme of this post appears to be '♥'

One of my favourite things in the world is bussing on a hangover. Oh baby, there is nothing more exciting. (I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.) But I have no progressed from my deadly morning times to now just feeling kinda groggy instead. But that's fine because Ali and I have Buffy season three to be watching and junk food to watch it with. TAKE THAT, WORLD. Nothing can make anything bad right now.

Party last night was really good and people were to bright and colourful. For those who are unaware I was wearing FLUORO ORANGE TROUSERS. That's a sight that you will never see again. People were fun and awesome - Dollhouse, I ♥ you and your parties.*

Tonight I sort out travel details for August and then I can email parentals about flights. I am going to rock Sydney and Nimbin ♥

*Me: Hey, they all live in the Dollhouse... but that don't really exist in an innocent childlike state.
Alison: *snort* That would be the very opposite of what they are.

TV, you lied to me again.

Mum, dad, so... about them villains...

In 2009, _honeyspider resolves to...
Backup my black regularly.
Go to the swords every month.
Take evening classes in x-men.
Get back in contact with some old vampires.
Go singing three times a week.
Tell my family about villains.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Yeah, I really should reconnect with those old vampire mates of mine. It's atrocious the way we've just lost touch over the years.

NEWSFLASH: Why do I wake up at eight when I go to sleep at six?
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