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|| SP: And what do I get for my pain?

This post is video-heavy

Earlier on youtube I came across an amazing piano cover of Night on Bald Mountain which has filled me with such joy for its sheer sexiness.

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And then, when I was filled with said musical joy, I came across this incredible girl who does her own piano covers of rock/metal songs. I may suddenly have a crush on a random youtube person. Collapse )

That was a lot more videos than I thought I was posting... But she's got about two hundred more on her account so just be thankful I stopped at all.
Mylene: Falling in and out of love

Spam spam spaaaam

The flat is currently caring for a toddler overnight and I have discovered that of all the talking I do at him (definatly 'at' because he's too little to converse) his favourite word above all others is 'necromancy.' Necromancy makes him giggle and clap his hands.

I have high hopes for this child.

But because there is a limit to how many times I can fall on the floor when he pretends to kill me (CHILDREN ARE EXHAUSTING) I am hiding in my room with tea and gorgeous female singers. Sadly, those are only in picture form.

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|| EA: Low tide and high tea

Battle Circus

For the Amanda Palmer show in Wellginton we didn't get the Danger Ensemble as everyone else in the world did, as they stayed in Australia - but we did get a very awesome opening act called Battle Circus, a rock band from Auckland. Or, as their website says, Well, it's not quite rock, maybe metal/circus/baroque-esque psychedelic rock with Eastern-European influences.

I inbed videos now!

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They were freaking sweet live. I'm not used to anything like this coming out of New Zealand. I stole a copy of their EP - The Half-Light Symphony - from Alina, and it is epic and post-apocalyptic and and the shortest song is nine minutes long.

By your powers combined....

New layout with gorgeous ladies! Mmmmm. Tis Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and Simone Simons of Epica, because I like my chick metal (It's also Renee and Scarlett from Darker London who are THE GREATEST PAIRING THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THEIRLOVEISSOBLOODYCOMPLICATED.) What can I say? I like the pretty!

I've only had about an hour of sleep and it's kinda freaking me out how awake I am...

No fruit for Circe.

Raen put to me the very interesting question of 'Why are there no Tibeten metal bands?' This led onto a whole discussion of how Tibeten monks would rock out and what monk-thrash would have to sound like. My plan to search the net and find Tibetan metal proved fruitless. Which is a pity, because now I want my Monk Metal.

On a completly unrelated topic: I have no costume for the Perversion Party this Friday night. Not a thing. And I can't be bothered making anything. I'm too lazy to be perverted.

Raen informs me: "You'll have to go out of your way to be perverted from the inside out... Not that that would be difficult."

I think she's calling me a big ho.

Raen says: HO DOWN! and thengoes to work, althoughCirce'shead is reallywarm.Mmmmm warm. What's wrong with your spaebar,circe?

Nothing, you're obviously just not pressing it hard enough.

Raen: Heh, but that'swhat you saytoall the boys.

Computer theif. She gets no metal. Burn upon her!