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X-Men: Squee! Jubes!

Alas poor Fridgick, I knew him.

Our fridge, which has been a beacon of filthy magnet sentences and permanent marker drunken party scribbings, has just been cleaned. I kept the non-offensive things (Like Sena's artwork of the LFoD and Spiderman which can be seen here but random comments such as 'mummy loves her breast-penis!' (which makes NO SENSE but I think might be in my handwriting) and suggestions that the Scottish nation are full of orgasm fakers had to go. Tequila has played a large role in the decoration of this appliance.

The Man (he gets capitals because he is a saviour like Jesus Christ) will come tomorrow and might be able to fix it. There will be much rejoicing!

Next, the dishes! Because our kitchen is way too messy for someone not us to see it. (Clearly Jayann doesn't count. She's asleep on the living room floor now anyway.)


This is the last week that potatoeangel & treacleangel will be living at the LFoD :O It's... madness. And then until Lara comes (EASY, arrives) it'll just be me and Raen all on our ownsomes. Bwaha. AND I get to go back home for Christmastimes! Glee! (Glee for getting to see mum, not for getting to spend time in Tasmania. Lord no.)

Today I made deep pink orange-flavoured cupcakes. They make me feel like a topless puppy and I WILL NOM.

I have had more cups of tea today than is sane. If I explode, don't write that on my tombstone.
|| LC: I ♥ me

Pointless update is pointless

Alison is at work, Jen is out seeing The House Bunny, and Cath is on the coast. Therefore I am alone in the LFoD and having a naked party. Well, 'naked' in this instance meaning 'clothed' and 'party' meaning 'hmmm, I wonder if I should investigate day time television or read my book...'

I have Tremors out from the videostore. This excites me possibly more than it should. Tremors, man. Classic Kevin Bacon, baby. I'm going to watch it with drinkings.

'Cream' by Prince is stuck in my head since I saw the videoclip for it last night. Dear lord, the childhood nostalgia. And O HAI JENNY CALENDAR. Aaaah, makes me laugh every time I think about it.
-- Te quiero

Fuzzy little monsters. No, not the flatmates.

On Saturday night everything seemed to be working against us, so we never got to the In Goth We Trust thing that was happening in town. A pity, since I was really looking forward to it. But, eh, what can you do, right?

We went in on Sunday and watched Hera playing in the art centre. She's completely adorable and has some incredible pipes on her. (And Alison uses her as the face for evil batshite insane angel in Darker London who I can never quite be as scared of now...)

Last night in my dream there was a very loud party here and I got completely wasted, and this morning when I woke up I felt like I was deathly hungover until I realised I couldn't possibly be. Imaginary hangover? That sucks!

Pony-obsessed Muz has been demanding photos of my rats for ages, and so who am I to deny a gorgeous friend's sexy boyfriend? (Look at me rack up those brownie points, babies!)

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I am so twitching to get hold of Queen Adreena's The Butcher and the Butterfly and Ride a Cock Horse. *twitch*

ETA: Oh my god! Deadpool is going to be in the Wolverine movie? Deadpool is fuckin' awesome! As if I wasn't already excited enough that Taylor Kitsh was going to be in it, now I get a Deadpool. Squee! I want this movie to not suck SO MUCH. Please be good, powers that be, please be good! (And while you're at it, since Hugh and Taylor are down in Queenstown, encourage them to come visit Christchurch?)

Tea time!

This morning the ladies of the LFoD received a strange and wondrous package from across the seas. Within said packages was to be found numerous lovely gifts and among these were teabags of the exotically delicious kind.

Oh, what a dilemma. What are five young maidens to do with such a gift? Why, they of course must have their own Victiorian-esque tea party. And as everyone knows a proper tea party requires cupcakes. The afternoon was spend with the lovely maidens making cupcakes and preparations for tea time.

So, with a soundtrack of tea loving punktorian Emilie Autumn, the day got off to a start.

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Newsy sort of.

1. The new carpet in the living room is the colour of drowning. Rock!

2. Jen is currently moving into the LFoD. Once again the LFoDs measure in the number of four. Fancy.

3. Party tonight. GLEE. I cannot wait. I need to be out and partying!

4. I'm a proper and real enrolled STUDENT. Oh, behold. *shows off student ID and everything*

5. I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the LFoD. (Well, okay, so maybe he's the second newest as Jen has STOLEN his tiny little thunder.)

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So, yes, good things are happening :D