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I received a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail today and ripped it open with much excitement. But I was made to go like >_< by the fact that it was missing both of my favourite VS models. (Yes. I have favourites. Yes, I know almost all the models by name in those things.) So to get back at the unfairness of that I am making a post filled with hot chicks.


I think I've been very restrained here.

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I think I'll do one with the lads tomorrow.

My fingers are frozen.

Music babble, mostly of interest to Raen and Nikki

Lennon's new Record "Damaged Goods" is finally done. After 3 years of hard work I am very happy. Plan to pick one up in stores later this summer. (http://www.myspace.com/lennon)

She's got some music up on the myspace but...hmm...not really impressed. For some reason she's re-done 'My Beautiful' and it's not nice. There's one song up there that I haven't heard but I'm kinda apathetic toward it. *shrugs* Maybe I'll feel differant once I hear the whole thing.

I'm also this close to stealing someone's credit card to sign up for a Suicide Girls account.