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Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

So, the plan for tonight was to turn the four metres of red fabric I bought into a dress instead. So Jen and I watched Mean Girls (OH YES WE DID) while I laid it all out on the floor and sort of made a pattern out of newspaper. By twenty minutes later I decided that I had no a clue what I was doing and maybe cutting the cloth up and just sort of pasting it to my body wasn't the best idea. I'll see if I can instead get a hold of Sam verysoon and she can tell me what to do, because whatever I was thinking wasn't working.

I lack the skills.

So I decided that I would work on the button holes on my other dress... but I have no blue thread to match it.

So tonight I got exactly nothing done on my medieval clothes, except for getting Jen into them and finding she looked quite hot in them. (But, let's face it, girl looks pretty damn good in most things, the sexy-waisted excellent-breasted cow. Although, a cow would mean udders not breasts and now there's all this imagery going on in my head and it needs to stop immediately.)

For the first time in a year I have dyed my hair. A YEAR. That's pretty much the longest I gone without dying it since I was about sixteen, which is madness. No photos, because it's not that dramatic. Just a rather pretty and very non-medieval berry sort of red. It has a nice sun glow to it but not the radioactive I used to have.

Let me tell you, internets, it's hard work living with Jen

This morning, for some perverse reason, I ended up watching the last fifteen minutes of Camp Rock with Jen. That is fifteen minutes I will never again but will repeat in my mind forever.

I want new Supernatural eps but it's all on hiatus :( (Although maybe that's a good thing since I really don't like the story arc for this season. But I say nothing more so I don't spoil those who aren't up to it.)

But, oh my god, Repo! comes out on DVD January 20th and I AM GOING TO OWN IT HARDCORE ALL FOR MY ME!! It's kinda bullshit though, because the regular disc has hardly any extras and the deleted scenes (which should be like the basic Extra of Awesome) is only on the Blu-ray version. Who's freaking idea was that?? Rubbish! And the featurettes on both versions are completely different, so it seems whichever copy someone gets they get ripped off. LAME.