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X-Men: God help you if you are a Phoenix

It's okay; I'll be there to scare the villagers

I think my spam filter has been eating emails that aren't actually spam >_< I only just discovered this today, because as if I'm dedicated enough to sort through the millions of spams I get every day. But hopefully I've fixed it now and it won't eat things anymore. So if you've emailed me and I never replied: Hi! I'm not being rude! I probably just didn't know! (It's gmail being rude.)

The sun is glaring in my window and making it rather difficult to see the screen. But I will soldier on through the hard times, baby. Because in nine days I'll be in Nimbin, so how can anything possibly be bad about that? Nimbin, baby! And mum's currently booking me tickets for Christmas in Tassie. I am a jet setting superstar and you better believe it, cupcake.

Mmmm, I wish I had a cupcake.

I am currently downloading Into the Woods, because my DVD of said musical is beyond dead. (Yes, Sequoia. A MUSICAL. Try not to vomit directly on your screen.) Downloading is taking forever. Grargh. But then Raen and I are going to sit round, eat crap, and sing along to fairy tales. I am SO HARDCORE you can barely comprehend it.

Aaaaand an email from mum just now informs me that Tasmania is 18th - 29th of December. Holy shit it's going to be weird to be back there.

(PS to Raen: Hilary Rhoda + Crystal Renn = Totally sisters. y/n?)

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That's phfa fault, that is. She made me watch that bizarre badgerbadgerbadger dance (Oooooh, it's snaaake!) If you feel the need to inflict yourself then I think it was at badgerbadgerbadger.com. And I shall tell you now that it runs in a loop. Which is a useful thing that people should tell other people.

Me: *still watching it 15 minutes later* Does this thing end??
Raen: Nope.
Me: waa.

I'm restless. I want to go for a walk but it's only just almost 6am. It's too dark and cold.

I updated foxglove_icons with Keira/Liv/Miranda icons. Cause I'm helpless against teh pretty.

*looks around room for something interesting*

*finds nothing*

Right. I'm going to bed. Hopefully by the time I get up, LJ will have gotton it's act together and actually email me comments when people send them. grrr.
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I’ve made approximately 6 million LJ icons in the last day. Okay, maybe a few less than that. They’re all posted up in foxglove_icons if you have any interest in them. Looking at them, one would think I’m obsessed with LotR. Whoa! Who would’ve guessed, right? Yeah.

moment_of_sen: I’m still working on an icon for Gothic!Legolas and the Merry/Frodo one. I’ll get them both! They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine. Managed to make some Eowyn/Arwen though so yay! *schnoogles pairing* I don’t care that it makes no sense, it’s my pairing and no one can take that away from me! bwa hahaha!

Ow. My arm aches now. Had a tetnus shot this morning. Although, was making a huge fuss over it and then it barely hurt at all. Sigh. Things hurt alot more when you're ten years old. [/obviousness]

So I’ll leave you with this. It’s genius. Erm, or ridiculous…

Thanks, Miss Claire
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