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Mylene: Falling in and out of love

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The flat is currently caring for a toddler overnight and I have discovered that of all the talking I do at him (definatly 'at' because he's too little to converse) his favourite word above all others is 'necromancy.' Necromancy makes him giggle and clap his hands.

I have high hopes for this child.

But because there is a limit to how many times I can fall on the floor when he pretends to kill me (CHILDREN ARE EXHAUSTING) I am hiding in my room with tea and gorgeous female singers. Sadly, those are only in picture form.

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|| Zombie: Phantom Stranger

This post is all about hot things.

My plan of not going to Nimbin this summer because I don't want to deal with the heat has backfired since today it's boiling >_< To combat this we have brought the living room furniture about into the shade of the trees and now have an outdoor area to keep away from the heat. Thank god for laptops and wireless.

Comments on sf_drama lead to talking with someone about the incredible hotness that is Johnny Depp and Eva Green. And after much discussion of how various movies of theirs should have had the other (Eva as Mrs Lovett? Yes please!) I decided I needed to look muchly at pictures and share them with you.

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By your powers combined....

New layout with gorgeous ladies! Mmmmm. Tis Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and Simone Simons of Epica, because I like my chick metal (It's also Renee and Scarlett from Darker London who are THE GREATEST PAIRING THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THEIRLOVEISSOBLOODYCOMPLICATED.) What can I say? I like the pretty!

I've only had about an hour of sleep and it's kinda freaking me out how awake I am...