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JWW: Mythic heroines who line the sea

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Me sleepy.

I'm up to make little sandwiches for Alina's sparkly fairy princess and llama's 21st birthday. Everyone loves little sandwiches!

Tonight I have to pack and get an early night because I have to get a taxi to the airport at seven - which is actually a far more reasonable hour than most of my morning flights and I hope it won't be too crowded on the roads. It cost Ali $70 to get back from there the other day when it's usually a $40 journey. Ick. But I have cash and if all goes wrong I'll walk the last of it! (Sadly not enough money to go buy some new earphones though so I'll have to be on the plane with the ones I have that one work in one ear. This is annoyance.)

Also, if the earth starts shaking shit up and the airport gets closed I'm going to be muchos pissed off. They will hear my rage across the sea. So... just keep it down, tectonic plates. Be cool. (I'm coming BACK to the city you broke so nicely for me, don't worry!)

Still haven't packed. Packing is for losers.

Oh! The world didn't end, I just noticed! Although I haven't seen Lara this morning so it is very possible she has been raptured. Alison and I have to prepare ourselves for this inevitability. We will had to eat all the noms ourselves and get someone to watch the cats while we're away.
WW: So I make way for some chaos

I can't stop grinning like a loon.

So about two weeks ago I posted to LJ about how geeks were awesome and how I needed a certain Wonder Woman shirt. Said post received an anon comment which is almost always one of my parents. (Except the insulting ones. For my own well being I go ahead and assume anon comments bitching out at my are not either of my parents.) I assumed this was joking around until today when Alison comes in with a package as says 'your Wonder Woman shirt arrived.' Insert my confusion and swearing on all things holy that I DID NOT purchase it because, dear lord, like my credit card needs more abuse.

I have a super hot WW shirt, and that is all you need to know. Thanks dad! (Unless it was mum being confusing and not signing as she usually does, in which case 'thanks mum!') My surprise shirt is bringing me joy and it's perfect :D