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Hera just tweeted the random-arse drawing we did of her.

# Was given some awesome art at the gapfiller concert :-) 4 versions of me... http://twitpic.com/3b5fmy http://twitpic.com/3b5fmx
# 2 more :-) http://twitpic.com/3b5fww http://twitpic.com/3b5fwu

Mine would be the AMAZING one with the rainbow. You may worship at my artistic feet now.

You may say it looks like a four-year-old drew it, I say it has a 'childlike glee'
-- All the myths are true

I'm not even going to read over this thing to check for mistakes. Take that.

This afternoon we (phfa, roselet, and moment_of_sen) went into town to take part in the brilliant glory that is Gap Filler. In their own words:

Gap Filler will see vacant sites - awaiting redevelopment as a result of the September 4 earthquake or otherwise - utilised for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes. Examples include: garden cafés, outdoor cinema, live music, dance on a temporary dance floor and other creative responses to sites by local artists.

Gap Filler is temporary in nature, seeking to activate gap sites for around two weeks at a time, to demonstrate that the city can grow in important ways without large capital expenditure or major construction. Gap Filler projects can move from site to site as spaces become available around the city. All projects will be able to occupy or vacate a site within a day.

So today we went to see the always effervescent Hera sing on the site that used to be Mexican cafe South of the Border. And then we drew pictures of Hera because two of us were artists and one of us was me. My art was brilliant, but alas she now has it. She's going to put it up on her twitter though, and I'm sure you'll agree that mine (drawn on the back of a bus ticket and involving a unicorn-pegasus) was the very best. Forget those artists.

Then there was WINE and SALAD and HOTNESS and now there is home and my feet are sore and I'm going to have a naaaaaap.
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I'm in the basement, you're in the sky...

This weekend I'm going to get to see Neil Gaiman. It's only started really kicking in in the last day or so and now I'm sort of like !!! about it. NEIL. MEETING NEIL. I think I might faint, you guys. He's so !!!

I'll also be seeing Amanda Palmer on the same weekend and then again the next weekend. I feel so shiny and awesome. And tonight we're finishing Battlestar and that is pretty damn shiny as well.

Life is sweet. I'm kind of thrilled to be a part of it right at this moment.
-- Te quiero

Fuzzy little monsters. No, not the flatmates.

On Saturday night everything seemed to be working against us, so we never got to the In Goth We Trust thing that was happening in town. A pity, since I was really looking forward to it. But, eh, what can you do, right?

We went in on Sunday and watched Hera playing in the art centre. She's completely adorable and has some incredible pipes on her. (And Alison uses her as the face for evil batshite insane angel in Darker London who I can never quite be as scared of now...)

Last night in my dream there was a very loud party here and I got completely wasted, and this morning when I woke up I felt like I was deathly hungover until I realised I couldn't possibly be. Imaginary hangover? That sucks!

Pony-obsessed Muz has been demanding photos of my rats for ages, and so who am I to deny a gorgeous friend's sexy boyfriend? (Look at me rack up those brownie points, babies!)

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I am so twitching to get hold of Queen Adreena's The Butcher and the Butterfly and Ride a Cock Horse. *twitch*

ETA: Oh my god! Deadpool is going to be in the Wolverine movie? Deadpool is fuckin' awesome! As if I wasn't already excited enough that Taylor Kitsh was going to be in it, now I get a Deadpool. Squee! I want this movie to not suck SO MUCH. Please be good, powers that be, please be good! (And while you're at it, since Hugh and Taylor are down in Queenstown, encourage them to come visit Christchurch?)