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The glamour of the damned

I've just realised a character that I've been writing for months and totally wishing was real so I could sex her up, is based very very much on a girl in high school I wanted to sex up.

And I've only just realised this connection tonight. Sometimes I suspect I'm rather thick.

And just so I can pay even less attention to real life than I already do- who'd have thought it was possible?- Ali and I started making a new RP. Dear lord, we suck. But there's a party this weekend- thank the lord!- and another the next week. That's the best thing ever. It really is. *sighs* I like parties. It's a nice excuse to act like an idiot. (And I do. Frequently. Lucky I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of me, isn't it? Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. *smirk*)

It's getting around the time where I want to change. There things about me that just need to...change. It's a nice content feeling to know where I want to be headed for once instead of feeling like I'm in turmoil. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow and be the same surly bitchy girl you all know and hate love, but for now it's all good.

Dear lord the KAOS T-Shirt DRAMAH going on in kaosians and other random ljs is great. I'm finding myself thoroughly amused. Who even needs a TV when you have twitchy faux-goths? Brilliant. (Oh look, it's that surly bitch I was talking about.)

You own the place where all my thoughts for hiding (I/M Forever!)

1. Obsessed with Nightwish and Shakira.

2. Have spent last two days writing things like….She couldn’t take her eyes off the body in the corner. It was watching her. Eyeballs eaten away and it was still watching her! The flies that buzzed above it were louder than she thought in the darkness. A black mess that crawled over the flesh. The body wasn’t dead, it was alive: it crawled with life.…and yet still had a ridiculous appetite. (speaking of…*runs off to kitchen for food*)

3. Plans to move to NZ in Febuary? Not happening so much. Now I’m going in 22 days. Shit. That’s…soon. I wanted to go to the KAOS New Years Eve party I’ve been hearing about so…yeah. Earlier. Crashing at people’s houses and being a nuisance. And I’m only just now realising this means I’ll be without proper internet time for over a month. Oh dear. I’m going to die.

4. Nikki, I'll be staying on night in Melbourne on my way over so I'll see you then hopefully? Say hello and such.

(no subject)

You know, today has been a pretty good day. I have Nikki to hang out with (and real life CC with: so. much. crying.) and I have ice-cream in the fridge and I have a lovely page of Keira pictures to drool over.

Speaking of Keira: just watched The Hole. Very good movie. Keira = pretty. Thora Birch = cool. Keira's hair was long and she had a very sexy blue top which I covet. There was also toplessness. Although…that meant removal of said top. (Yes, I do think I may be obsessed with a shirt here…) And before that we watched Sole Survivors: which basically gets a 'yay Eliza!' from me. Cause she's pretty. and also shouts of 'Jacob/Diantha Forever!' for weird reasons. Aaaah, video nights. Tomorrow we shall not be lazing about the house again but going out to the chocolate factory because...well, do I really need to explain my reasoning here?

There were important things I know I had to say here but I cannot remember any of them... except that poprocks are utterly made of nothing but sugar. So yeah, this is my exciting entry. ^_^

Aaaaaaand, if you're not Sena/Raen/Nikki (OT3!) this next part is meaningless....

To my Heirs people: Do you realise that these kids are going to be very screwed up after the war? And during? We're going to need some full time councillors. I know for a fact that Juliet will come from Edinburgh and help out when she has the time. But, yeah, full time someone. I totally want a teacher chick played by Aeryn ^_^ (The woman, not the bike)

Evil Angel with your cleft tongue...

I think it's a worrying sign when you check a fictional character's flist before even thinking about checking your own.

*headdesks* ToomanyRPLJs *is ded*

I am utterly in love with Rufus and Martha Wainwright. *snuggles the music* Now, if only yousendit.com would stop being such a bitch and let me have the rest of the songs and stop saying the damn server has timed out. This makes me sad. I long for broadband.

Think Rufus would turn straight for me? Just for a night? And how long exactly is the line I will be joining here?

Damn you, MSN! I assure you I am not offline as you claim I am! Sigh. My internet is falling apart.

I shall just listen to the lufferly Wainwrights until it gets better.
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