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BSG: As constant as a northern star

I need the cash for getting laid

Tonight we had our LFoD Christmas get together since the actual day didn't work for all of us. Which means early presents FTW.

I am sitting wearing a shirt with a big Obama face printed on it and I've been making it nom on things for the sake of hilarity. It's awesome. I also got DVDs (Alison and I may have gone halves on season one of BSG and had it as a shared present...) as well as a Camelot calendar (Waterhouse, I ♥s you!) and the coolest book ever on Gothic homemaking written by Voltire. (OMG, thank you so freaking much, Clare! We love it!)

And now Jen has stolen my hair straightener so she can take it away to the coast with her. Now they sound like they're talking about porn outside my door...
BSG: As constant as a northern star

Hi Clare!

Thanks to the sane Americans, Obama is in the lead. Thank you, America! Keep McCain and Palin far from office.

Lewi and Lara went home this morning ('this morning' being about 4am) and so there was staying up all night and watching Supernatural followed by dawn buses home to sleep. Still tired though. Zzzzz.

My paid account has run out and left me with all four of my Repo! icons and two Blair. Least Livejournal knows my priorities.