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X-Men: Squee! Jubes!

Did Michael Crichton write any operas?

I'm trying to remember for the life of me what the opera the LFoD went to see last year but all I can remember about it was the epic set and epic dinosaur. What opera has a dinosaur, you guys? Or maybe it was a generic monster, either way it was the COOLEST THING and maybe it was Verdi... or Puccini... or someone who wrote an opera and had it performed at least once. (My brain says it was The Magic Flute. Son, that was no Magic Flute.)

I am feeling a little rough around the edges this morning. I haven't been as drunk as I was last night for quite a while and I'm definitely feeling it. The plan may be to lie on the deck in the sun for a few hours until I feel human again. But the deck is outside and so far away (read: almost two whole feet to my right) and if I was out there then I couldn't listen to my music anymore. And since I'm listening to Ani Difranco for the last few days as though she's oxygen and vital to my existence, I'd better stay right here.

Holy shit, I just remembered I completed and uploaded a new moodtheme while trashed last night. Go me! I may be able to barely type but apparently editing coding is no problem at all.

... you know what? It totally was The Magic Flute. But possibly in space or something.
Mylene: Falling in and out of love

Spam spam spaaaam

The flat is currently caring for a toddler overnight and I have discovered that of all the talking I do at him (definatly 'at' because he's too little to converse) his favourite word above all others is 'necromancy.' Necromancy makes him giggle and clap his hands.

I have high hopes for this child.

But because there is a limit to how many times I can fall on the floor when he pretends to kill me (CHILDREN ARE EXHAUSTING) I am hiding in my room with tea and gorgeous female singers. Sadly, those are only in picture form.

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X-Men: Burn this whole world down

Once again the most attractive men are fictional...

My nacho cooking timing was off and Alison isn't home yet. *stalls cooking with lj*

The Wolverine trailer is out and I can't watch it because we've almost gone over our internet thingy. asdfghjkl. I'm dying. I must see it immediatly! Wolverine! That would be enough of a reason but let's add to that Gambit (TAYLOR!) and DEADPOOL. DEADPOOL. Oh my god, I'm having a fangasm. I need this trailer. And Dominic Monaghan is Beak. Hahaha! Apparently they aren't going to make him look like comic!Beak though, which is kinda sad. Hobbit Chicken. And someone said they spotted Emma Frost but she must just be a cameo since I don't remember seeing her on the cast list. Mmmmmm... Emma. I approve of the hotness of this film and I hope for berserker rage from Wolverine. (I would have hoped for Jubilee too but I've long given up on this by now. Bloody movie!Rogue usurping Jubilee's place!)

God, I freaking love me some geekary.


On the continued train of geekary: ohmygod, Friday is X-Files day, oh hell yes it is. Please be good, pleeeease be good. I have such high hopes though I'm trying not to. But at least it's Mulder and Scully and not Liquid Metal Terminator and Random Chick. And then after X-Files there will be drinking and Alien Apocalypse with Bruce Campbell. Bwaha. It's gonna be so good, in a really bad way :D