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LotR: The stories that stayed with you


You know what we all need? Beowulf as a children's story. I listened to this read out at medieval faire last week and it was brilliant with audience participation.

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EDIT: More Victorian porn! The last ones I linked to were cartoony illustrations, so be warned that these are photos. Very very porny photos. Everyone is really well dressed though, which is awesome.

Aaaand Alison just pointed out that the women on the second one looks like Alan Davies. Watching QI will never be the same.
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Did you know...

So Lara and I have been pestering Alison about how she should join the mythology roleplay we're in and she was interested in Antigone and Jocasta but it hasn't gone much further than that. Except this morning we woke up to find her gone off sailing and post it notes stuck up around the house with interesting memos for us, like:

Did you know...
Jocasta once spent time in a mental hospital for killing a child of hers. She had been flatting with Medea at the time.

Did you know...
Antigone once spent two years milking cows in Oregon.

(This one includes a picture of a cow saying 'moo?' with a note beside it reading omg what this is not a cow.)

Did you know...
Antigone tried to take up yoga to de-stress herself, but her name means 'unbending' so the attempt was doomed to fail.

I was very tired when I read the cow milking one and did spent a few minutes going "huh, I didn't remember the bit with her being a milkmaid" completely not thinking anything strange about the fact that an Ancient Greek figure was in Oregon.

I love my Ali. She makes me laugh in the morning times.
JWW: To tame your wild wild heart

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Unnecessary Quotation Marks never fails to make me laugh. It's awesome like that.

My sleeping habits have gone strange again. It's 6.30am but I'm considering going to the art gallery today once it opens. I should find out what time it opens... 10am! Hells yeah, gallery, you are going to get some of my sweet sweet loving! (I could take the kitty in to see her namesake, but I don't think Lara would approve... or the gallery, either.) Eh, nothing interesting on at the museum but maybe I'll go talk to the mummy again.