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BH: A cracked song in the universe

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It is indescribably strange to be here in Australia while, back home, something so huge is happening. My poor beautiful city is getting pummeled by this earthquake and its aftershocks and I've not even seen it yet other than in photos. On the one hand I feel incredibly lucky that I was here when it went down, because it means I haven't had to deal with the freaking out, the lost sleep, and the power and water losses, but on the other hand I hate that I'm here instead because all the people I love and spend my time with are going through this massive thing together and I won't be a part of it when I return. Is it selfish to think that way? Because everyone there can only be thinking 'uh, why would you WANT to be here?' But I guess it's a bonding experience of sorts for all of the city and I'm not going to be... bonded.

This all makes me homesick. I'm hardly ever homesick when I travel, only a few times when I lived in Ireland in fact and never when I'm here with family. It's odd and different. But I'm glad everyone back home is as safe as they can be and the fact that no one has died is the most amazing and wonderful news I've ever heard.

On a less flat note, however, I have been having a good time here, especially the other night when we had the cocktail party and Alison and I whipped up a serious storm of drinks from everyone. It was the day we'd found out about what was happening back home so we found a drink called Earthquakes to make. They were so good and way better than the real thing. I was the Queen of Drinkings and all bowed before me. As they should.

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Holy crap, how excited am I to find out that sleazy sexist, racist, all-other-ists Abbott will not be the Australian Prime Minister? THANK GOD. Finally something right there!

This is my last night in Nimbin. Tomorrow I have an early bus up to the Gold Coast and will be staying with mum until the 12th and then it's finally back home! (While I'm in Brisbane though? There's a Valentino retrospective. I WILL BE BEHOLDING VALENTINO GOWNS AND MY LIFE IS MORE COMPLETE FOR IT.) Dad also bought me a book on Alexander McQueen and I am happily basking in fashion. It's lovely.

Everyone talk to me! Leave me comments of adoration/hate! I feel so out of the loop with all my internet/Christchurch people. Basically, if you're reading this post, I ♥ you. (Unless you're certain people who sometimes stalk it and to those people: I </3>
Mylene: Falling in and out of love

Picture heavy fashion gleeing:

The Hermès show in Paris yesterday was like the hottest thing ever. Oh Jesus, it's top-hatted, catsuited, Avengersy, Sherlock Holmesy glory. So awesome it was that I would actually do Lily Cole who usually just scares the bejesus out of me.

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Also awesome was the cast of the Louis Vuitton show, because along with the regular stick figures who walk - some of whom I do rather adore - he'd also dragged in models who haven't done runway for years either because they're part of the 90's supermodel gang - which meant freaking Laetitia Casta and Elle Macpherson - or because they the curvy boob-possessing ladies the runway almost always shuns, like the gorgeous Bar Refaeli, Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima. Epic. (In fact, this season they cast lots of Victoria's Secret models on the runways. It was awesome.)

The unfinished 16-piece Alexander McQueen showing in Paris two days ago was really amazing and I bet there were quite a few teary eyes in the audience. (McQueen committed suicide on the 11th of February - one day before the New York shows started.)

You know what, Dior was hot as well so let's post pictures of that too. (This was supposed to be a short post.)

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In unrelated to fashion news (YES, REALLY.) Tomorrow we go to Wellington to see Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer! As well as hitting the gallery and the museum while we're there!
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Just watched the truly awful VS Fashion Show. It gets worse and worse every year. Besides, how am I supposed to think it's any good without Adriana Lima and Emanuela de Paula. (Adriana being nine months pregnant means I shall accept her absense. But Emanuela missing is a CRIME.)

Happy Christmas Eve all. I'm sitting watching mum watch Stargate and drinking vodka. I've got nothing much of interest to say really. Hope ya'll get ponies tomorrow!


We went to see The Magic Flute tonight and it was pretty damn fantastic. The sets alone were freaking amazing and I'm glad we went. And the costuming! Oh my god, you should have seen the clothes the Queen of Night got to wear. I wanted to steal her skirt, because it was black and voluminous and layery. And she dressed her handmaidens at the same level of awesome. That's what you want in a monarchy.

(Almost) most importantly, one of the guys looked so much like Lewi and thus every time he stepped on stage in his long swishy pleather we made dramatic hand gestures and whispered LEWWWIS!, just as Eric Northam did in Jen's dream when he needed his help. Lewi is a hero to vampires.

Magic Flute = awesome and gave me childhood flashbacks of pretending to be Papageno
Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

This post was brought to you by the letter...

Tonight there was an informal sewing group in the living room as we all try and finish garb before Canterbury Faire. (Oh man, so close. How much can I not wait for nine days of medievalness? The answer is A LOT.) I am not even half way around hemming the skirt on my GIANT freaking gown. It's going to take forever but it will be worth it. Everyone loves a huge skirt.

After sewing we didn't do much. Oh, except that we watched Repo!! OH MY GOD, FOR THE FRACKING WIN! :D It made me happy in my pants and in my soul. (The bits with Anthony Stewart Head singing and being evil made me especially happy in the pants region.)

How tempted am I to watch it again later tonight? SO VERY MUCH Not at all. Nope. None.

Musical and Medieval both start with an M. M is clearly awesome.