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Yesterday - in the horrible heat - I went to the Nimbin Show and got swallowed up by all the freaking quaintness within it. They had produce judging, you guys. People brought in their fruit and got to be awarded the ribbons of Best Lemons or Best Eggs. It was like being in the 1950s! They even had Best Scones and Best Chocolate Cake, in which there was a Drama because someone had tried to enter a Chocolate Mud Cake and was thus disqualified. Oh my god, I cannot even tell you how sweet and country town I found all this. There was crocheted blankets being judged!

Today I'm home alone, with both dad and Gwen having gone out to do a wedding at Byron Bay (dad drives the fancy cars and Gwen does the celebrant stuff). But it was too got for me to go to Byron and being here is less melty. I was going to go see Jane Eyre at the movies (Fassbender!) but I've got a shitty copy of it somewhere on a computer anyway.

I went to a gallery opening the other night which was really cool - wine and cheese and artists oh my! - but it became less cool as I got hotter and hotter inside the gallery and people walking past things made them shake and made me begin to panic a little bit. Logically I know that there's no earthquakes here. Logically I know this. But it didn't stop be clinging to dad's side and staring up at what parts of the roof I thought would fall down first.

Uncool, tectonic plates.

I've been watching the episodes of Camelot I have with me here. Well, sort of watching. Okay, I've been fast forwarding whenever Morgana isn't on screen. I predicted this would be the outcome of this show. Eva, I love you so bad and with my body parts. Morgana and Merlin are the only characters of any interest and they need to get to the nasty hate-sex right away please.
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This post is all about hot things.

My plan of not going to Nimbin this summer because I don't want to deal with the heat has backfired since today it's boiling >_< To combat this we have brought the living room furniture about into the shade of the trees and now have an outdoor area to keep away from the heat. Thank god for laptops and wireless.

Comments on sf_drama lead to talking with someone about the incredible hotness that is Johnny Depp and Eva Green. And after much discussion of how various movies of theirs should have had the other (Eva as Mrs Lovett? Yes please!) I decided I needed to look muchly at pictures and share them with you.

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Hey baby! I'm back in the USSR! And by that I, of course, mean New Zealand. And I thought I had some really fascinating things to say here but now that I'm typing I'm proving myself wrong on that front.

Tasmania was good, if a little weird. Everything was all very the same except for me. And, as predicted, I did in fact have the brightest hair in all of Devonport. (But, of god, Devonport has not escaped the scene kids. They're there as well. Not so much with the emos, but the horrible eighties hair with the lawnmower cuts and the random sections of bleach? Oooh yeah. All over the show.)

Got to see both Arsène Lupin and Golden Compass which is basically so much Eva Green that I was in the land of gorgeous happy. It's a good land.

I'm so glad I don't have to fly anywhere for a long time. I'm rather sick of planes right now, and not entirely fond of car trips either as we drove from one end of Tasmania and then back again. At least I got a few hours with a Nikki and a Lewi at Melbourne on the way over. That was beyond awesome to see them :)

I'm losing days. I thought it was NYE tonight but it's not, is it? Alison is confusing me by telling me there was a party! (Unless there is and it just isn't NYE? I'm so out of the loop!) Or is it, in fact, New Year's Eve? Hello? Where am I? Who am I? Will someone please return me to the Asylum for Wayward Girls before I become a danger to all?


I received a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail today and ripped it open with much excitement. But I was made to go like >_< by the fact that it was missing both of my favourite VS models. (Yes. I have favourites. Yes, I know almost all the models by name in those things.) So to get back at the unfairness of that I am making a post filled with hot chicks.


I think I've been very restrained here.

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I think I'll do one with the lads tomorrow.

My fingers are frozen.

Mmmmm, Eva.

Upon returning from Casino Royale I realise two things:

1. I watched an entire James Bond film and not only remained awake but also enjoyed it,

2. I love Eva Green with a love that is unrivaled like a big bright burning thing.

I would write a sonnet, or a haiku, or something, but I lack the skills. Surprisingly enjoyable, and with some super cool stunt work. There was one beautiful naked, but sadly not Eva, scene that made me cross my legs quiet tightly at the imagined pain, but would have been much worse if I were male.

Movie made me happy. Eva made me happy. Movie and Eva also made me very very sad sometimes. Like this: *tear*

Then I come home and find that someone awesome- and Spanish - has put together a post of Eva being a spaz. It makes me happy also.