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Eva: Brighter than the stars above

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Circe says:
i didn't clean my room la la la
Alison says:
i knew you wouldn't. I knew today would be a "everything from the floor goes onto the bed till you want to sleep and then it'll go on the floor again" kind of day
Circe says:
Circe says:
it's an inefficient system
Alison says:
it is
Alison says:
you should try my system
Alison says:
i don't move anything ever. it works well.
Alison says:
cept i don't know where my proper pajama pants are.

In other news: The line up for the Victoria's Secret show sucks big time. It's like they decided that last year they had too many attractive women walking and had to do something about it. So they took them out the back paddock and shot them. Now it's just boring unattractive models. Yes, I do care. Don't mess with gorgeous half naked women. It's a workable system right there. (I'm being over-dramatic. There are still a few gorgeous girls, but heaps of my favourites are missing.)

I get to go to my dad's for his birthday party at the end of this month, and I say yay! And I might be going home for a week at Christmas, which is another yay! I like visiting parentals. It's made of good.

A girl can't wear black these days.

Some fourteen year old brats on bikes just called me Emo.


I was walking along, minding my own buisness thinking about how my parents didn't understand me but My Chemical Romance did when these boys call out across the street.

"Eeeeemoooo! Eeeeemmmooo!"
"Hey, you're a little late for Halloween!"

I'm tramuatised and offended. Emo! EMO?? *cries along to MCR*

I haven't opened NaNo for two days. I'm thinking I should do that now.