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My laptop that has been broken for more than a year (despite my constant poking of it, pressing all buttons, shaking it like a baby) now suddenly WORKS basically because my mother just, like, touched it. WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS AND WHY HAS IT HAPPENED?? I am half annoyed that it seemed to just want her attention and half pleased because, you know, lappy again!

Computers, man. What bitches.

I am currently in Melbourne enjoyed the hotel wireless because I have to tell you about the amazingness that was the King Tut exhibition today. OH GOD OH GODS OF DUAT AND KEMET I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU. It was beautiful. I spent the first three rooms of it tearing up and trying not to cry at how overwhelmed I was. Could I be more of an Egyptology geek? (Charlie! Charlie! I spent the whole time thinking about texting you and there was a beautiful Sekhmet and I was all !!! WHY IS CHARLIE NOT HERE WITH ME FOR THIS?? Valid question, Charlie, WHERE WERE YOU??)

Then they talked about my friends in the videos. ('my friends' being Ramses II, Seti I, and my girl of awesome Hatshepsut. (These are my friends, see how they shimmer - that's what Johnny Depp said about the Pharaohs.))

There's this cardboard Anubis standee down in the foyer of the hotel and I am waiting until it is late times and no one is there so I can go down and take lots of embarrassing photos with him.

Yesterday we went to Victoria Market and I bought pretty Egyptian papyri, because only Egyptian things are allowed in this holiday apparently and I will tomorrow buy another one YAY!

We bought DVDs from Borders last night but they didn't take those bloody security things off so we had to break the boxes open to watch our ten dollar DVDs. Screw you, Borders! Now I'm going to have to work out how to keep them safe to bring them home. (Emma is way superior to Pride and Prejudice. Why did no one tell me this? Mr Knightley is about a BILLION times better than stupid Mr Darcy. OH YES I SAID IT.)
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Drinking and Melbourne and Mummies.

So I just found the wiki page for Tablero (which is the seriously awesome drinking game we love to play at medieval things) and down the bottom it has a note that says: Tablado (appropriately pronounced 'Tah-blotto') is a form of Tablero in which hard alcohol is used. This form of the game is not recommended because pulling a line could cause the player to drink a minimum of 3 shots of alcohol in a very short time span. The chances of a player suffering alcohol poisoning as a result of this are extremely high, with a significant risk of death. ... does this mean we should stop playing tablero with tequila and vodka? (It's best with spiced wine anyway, especially since we've always got lots of that.)

On a slightly less alcoholic note: On the 23rd of May I'm going to Melbourne! Just for a few days but it is going to be DOUBLE MUMMIES ACROSS THE SKY! Because it's going to be my mummy and me in a hotel and having fun times and general loveliness and King Tut's mummy as we're going to this and can I even begin to tell you how excited I am about that? No, I can't. Because, holy shit, Egypt. Egypt Egypt Egypt. Expect tears of excitement and love. (My poor mother is going to have to deal with me while this is happening: spare a thought for the poor woman.)
Kemet: Chaos is calling

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Oh baby, let's talk about the library book sale. Last year I got nothing of interest, but this year I jackpotted.

The Atlas of Holy Places and Sacred Sites
Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia
Encyclopedia of the Gods
Mythical Beasts
Minoan and Mycenaean Art

An encyclopedia of Classical Music
A book on hieroglyphics
A book on the Mayan people/religion
A copy of The Bhagavad Gita

$21 :D

Tomorrow morning Alina and I are going back. Hopefully this time I'll find some fiction as well as all these heavy-arse reference books!
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Unnecessary Quotation Marks never fails to make me laugh. It's awesome like that.

My sleeping habits have gone strange again. It's 6.30am but I'm considering going to the art gallery today once it opens. I should find out what time it opens... 10am! Hells yeah, gallery, you are going to get some of my sweet sweet loving! (I could take the kitty in to see her namesake, but I don't think Lara would approve... or the gallery, either.) Eh, nothing interesting on at the museum but maybe I'll go talk to the mummy again.
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I know from my learnings

Went to the museum today and saw the mummy. Was quite happy to find Nephthys on the sarcophagus (for my own geeky reasons) and identified the other Gods and figures for the others. I wish there was more than just the one tiny section for Egypt. One day I will go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and die of happy. (One of my many childhood dreams was to be curator there. Because, oh my god, Egyptology for the win.)

Then I went and licked all over the Victorian antiques room. As the gorgeous filthy thing deserved.

Oh, and there was nachos! And right now we're making waffles in our brand new waffle-maker. (Fuck culture, bitches. WAFFLES.)