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-- Tea!

Burn all effigies of clay

Last night was the KAOS First Party. Meeting went great and was quite amusing, so props to all involved in that. The party itself was great as well. I'm not all that eloquent at the best of times and this morning I'm sort of hung over so that's all you're getting from me on that.

Some of the first years need a firm smack about the head though. There were two separate groping boys, one of whom had to actually be forcibly shoved away from me and told to fuck off before he got the point. Was also approached by another who said I looked like a dodgy kind of slut. Thanks but no thanks, mate. Fuck off and die, preferably painfully, and keep your hands off me.

But, yes, other than boys being boys there was much fun to be had. The LFoD took Jen's friend Alina along and she seemed to enjoy herself. She was looking for some geeky friends so who better to introduce her to than KAOS?

The plan for tonight is (more than likely) this and then dragging ourselves out of bed early enough tomorrow morning to go see Hera at the arts centre since Alison has become obsessed. We might even have nachos. Mmmmm, nachos.

The plan for right now though? zomgtea.

A girl can't wear black these days.

Some fourteen year old brats on bikes just called me Emo.


I was walking along, minding my own buisness thinking about how my parents didn't understand me but My Chemical Romance did when these boys call out across the street.

"Eeeeemoooo! Eeeeemmmooo!"
"Hey, you're a little late for Halloween!"

I'm tramuatised and offended. Emo! EMO?? *cries along to MCR*

I haven't opened NaNo for two days. I'm thinking I should do that now.