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WW: This side of that dark line

This descends quite quickly into me talking about comic books.

I came back!

Jesus, the sheer number of school kids down at Barrington was incredible. Where did they all come from? Well, okay, Cashmere High School is the answer, because they were all in the maroon jumpers, but that's not my point. It's one pm, shouldn't they be in school? I don't understand kids these days.

Another not understand young people these days (and by young people I'm guessing early twenties which still makes them younger than me): I saw these two guys who looked like they'd stepped directly out of what Hollywood thought nerds looked like in the eighties. Like walking onto a movie set looking at them, but these aren't the uncool kids. Because it's cool now to look like movie nerds. I think. I can't keep up.

(Movie Nerds are, of course, very different to Real Life Nerds. I know plenty of the second type and not one of them resembles in any way the cast of Big Bang Theory/etc. Also, girls. I'm not quite sure why the media still continues with the No Nerdy/Geeky Girls/Hot Chicks Don't Like Geeky Things. Some of the hottest chicks I've ever met were only made hotter by their comic book knowledge.)

Speaking of geekiness, I need this shirt. That's only one of my favourite WW pictures, you guys. I need her against my body, please. (And along that vein: Super Heroes Who Need To Be On More T-Shirts Because I Would So Wear Them: She-Hulk, Domino, Scarlet Witch (even better if she's getting snuggly with Quicksilver), Mystique, Deadpool.)

Oh crap, now I've been distracted googling pictures of Deadpool for the last ten minutes. Damn you, Wade Wilson. Why must I love you so much?

X-Men: Burn this whole world down

Once again the most attractive men are fictional...

My nacho cooking timing was off and Alison isn't home yet. *stalls cooking with lj*

The Wolverine trailer is out and I can't watch it because we've almost gone over our internet thingy. asdfghjkl. I'm dying. I must see it immediatly! Wolverine! That would be enough of a reason but let's add to that Gambit (TAYLOR!) and DEADPOOL. DEADPOOL. Oh my god, I'm having a fangasm. I need this trailer. And Dominic Monaghan is Beak. Hahaha! Apparently they aren't going to make him look like comic!Beak though, which is kinda sad. Hobbit Chicken. And someone said they spotted Emma Frost but she must just be a cameo since I don't remember seeing her on the cast list. Mmmmmm... Emma. I approve of the hotness of this film and I hope for berserker rage from Wolverine. (I would have hoped for Jubilee too but I've long given up on this by now. Bloody movie!Rogue usurping Jubilee's place!)

God, I freaking love me some geekary.


On the continued train of geekary: ohmygod, Friday is X-Files day, oh hell yes it is. Please be good, pleeeease be good. I have such high hopes though I'm trying not to. But at least it's Mulder and Scully and not Liquid Metal Terminator and Random Chick. And then after X-Files there will be drinking and Alien Apocalypse with Bruce Campbell. Bwaha. It's gonna be so good, in a really bad way :D