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Eddie: Covered in beeeees!


My lappy died. Exactly the same way as before, I think, although this time it just gives me the light to say it's on and not the hum. All attempts to fix it like mum did- BUTTONMASH FOREVER! - is failing.

Why you do this to me, you pain in the arse? We JUST moved Lara's desktop out of the living room and the desk into my room again! Not impressed, you silly lappy. I've done nothing to you but be sweet and kind so why do you love my mum more than me? That's just not fair. Is it because she doesn't use you to look up all sorts of things on the internet that you find morally reprehensible? Because I thought we were in this together, lappy? I thought we had a deal?

Laptops these days are such untrustworthy people.
Eddie: Covered in beeeees!

Oh joy, it's film ramblings!

Ooooh, it's a living room computer OoooOOOooOOOOoooOOOOOoo. Since mine is dead, Lara so kindly offered to put her desktop in the living room (because she's a GODDESS) and so I am now trying to get used to the EPICLY HUGE SCREEN on it as well as the slightly different keyboarder. (I'm a crazy two finger typer but I don't look at the keys and I do it quite quickly - MY TYPING AMUSES JEN NO END - and thus typing on keyboards I'm not perfectly adjusted to means I keep hitting the wrong keys.)

It's very shiny though. So big and shiny and connected to the internet. Which, as we know, is the most important thing.

And now I put a question to you. Who's going to come see the new Predators movie with me when it comes out? Collapse )
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My laptop, pain in the arse that it is, has finally died for reals. I press on and it whirrs and the button lights up and then the rest is silence. Bastard. (I'm still paying the bitch off too. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-)

So look at me hijack Lara's computer instead while watching Dylan Moran.

I needs me a sugar daddy.
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'Disc Drive C: is corrupted and unreadable'


Look at me taking over Alison's computer :/

This will upset me a lot more in a few hours. At the moment I'm too asleep to deal with the fact that my stupid fucking computer is DEAD even though Tim just fixed it for me.

I for one welcome our new Cylon overlords.

I knew there was a reason I was avoiding the Firefox update that my computer wanted me to have. Why do computer things always try to make things 'easier' by making them more convoluted and complicated? Argh. Computers make me sad. This basically boils down to CIRCE DOESN'T DEAL WELL WITH CHANGE ON AN INTERNET LEVEL. I will, however, find a way to continue living.

What does not make me sad though is Battlestar Galactica. No, in fact that makes me very very happy. Sometimes in my pants. Raen and I are about seven eps into season two and have come to the mutual consensus that we would mostly definitely do Number Three (Lucy Lawless with blonde hair should be a travesty, and yet hel-lo.) and Starbuck. (Starbuck doing her thing with the boxing bag in 'Final Cut'? Hot as hell, baby. I love a woman who can kick arse.)

And Gaius. Can't forget Gaius, that narcissistic, womanising glasses-wearing fox of a man.

New sci-fi addictions make me a very happy young lady, I have to say.

And in real life matters, I believe there's drinking of a pirate-related nature at Sequoia's tonight? Maybe? If so then we'll be there, although I find myself far too lazy to do anything involving dressing up. I'll wear clothes, and that's all I can promise you.