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Can't sleeeeeeeeep.

I've been back from Australia week now and it's nice to be back in my own bed and my own space. As nice as it is to be in Nimbin, it's always good to be home. I was going to post some pictures of huntsmans in this post, but I can't be bothered finding the camera. So you'll have to just imagine it, okay? Okay.

I need to be asleep right now because it's almost 5 in the morning and tomorrow I'm not only going to watch roller derby (hell yeah!) but then there's a party after that. How will I keep up without sleep! I'm thinking it might be shower time right about now instead.

As yet no big earthquakes, just a few little shakes. Only one that's made me clutch the table with concern. Score!
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Snowpocalypse! But the dinosaurs survived it!

This year has been all about Nature (it deserves the capital letter at this point) going crazy on Christchurch so I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised when we got more snow than we've in the six years since I moved her. (Snow in Christchurch is pretty rare. Every winter the mountains all around us are always dusted in it, but I've only gotten snow twice before down in the front yard and all that jazz.

Anyway, the snow of late July cleared up but now it's started again and the weather officials are having meteorological orgasms over much snow we're going to get. Already it's much thicker on our porch than last time and it's pressed up against the door. Excitement!

Lara, who should be jaded to snow since she comes from freaking Montana has twice been the first one outside dancing around in it while Alison and I decide to enjoy it from the warmth of the living room.

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Last night The LFoD celebrated our three-way birthday party since we're all pretty close together for those. It was magically dinosaur themed and people even got nametags of awesome named yet somehow real dinosaurs, like Camelotia, Megacervixosaurus, Piratosaurus, Irritator, Mojoceratops, Pantydraco, Ultrasaurus, Smilodon, Minotaurasaurus, Kittysaurus, Technosaurus, and Discosaurus. All glorious, all the time!

Lucky for those not living in the house the party was being held in, the snow did not start in the wee hours of the night and thus trap everyone at the flat where they would be forced to sit around watching sci-fi. Like any of them would complain. I spent more time talking about Star Trek last night than anything else and I managed to score someone's media for myself. (Star Trek TOS and Enterprise - SHUT UP, I LIKE IT- Game of Thrones, Caprica, and the final season of BSG as we don't yet have it on DVD. WATCH ALL OF THE THINGS.)

My jelly castle last night was the best thing you've ever seen and never tasted. You'll just have to believe me if you weren't there. Vodka jelly castle is officially the thing I will now supply for social gatherings.

Checked outside. Yep. Still snowing.
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Went in to get my flu jab today and on the way home we drove through town and I got to see Colombo Street at the cordon for the first time.



It's... not good. It's really really not good. For the first time since the earthquake this shit is actually starting to sink in for me. Our city is so very fucked. All bricks and cracks and streets we can't go down. The video on this page is really upsetting.

I read that they're hoping to open up the central city again by the end of October. I'm not sure how anyone can think this is back to normal when we can't even get into the CBD for another seven months.
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My health timing sucks

For the last week I have had a fever that has had me alternately writhing sickly under blankets or sweating away even though I've taken off all my possible clothing. (Yes, apparently I did just actually describe to you all what a fever is as it's an unknown word not often heard in the English language.)

Earthquakes continuing and news reports have not been helping the fact that I have been occasionally delusional. (Although my delusions mostly seemed to consist of thinking that fairy royalty was coming to take me away which is the same fever-invoked terror that I had when I was veryvery ill one night in Scotland five years ago. It's good that my fevers are consistent.)

We have water though. It's beautiful and amazing and showers- Oh god, I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful it is to have a shower again especially after my previous talk of fever-sweatiness.

I am getting back towards wellness, I think. I'm still sort of sort throaty and headachy but I haven't had to change my clothing layers in hours nor have I fallen down. WIN/WIN for Circe.

(Christchurch is not so much win but I don't want to talk about that today. I haven't even checked the news feeds since this morning. But I'm sure to do exactly that now that I've reminded myself.)
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It's been a week since it happened now. phfa always manages to write these long thoughtful posts about things that go on forever down my page and make me think and make me happy and sad and emotional but I can't write like that. So all I will say is this:

I don't have enough ♥s for this city, this wonderful, amazing city with wonderful amazing people that have given me so much and made me so happy (and sometimes so sad, but those parts are important as well) and I know that we're going to make it through and be stronger. We will rebuild (in every way) and when we finally come out the other side of this horrible thing we'll be stronger. I have to have absolute faith in that.

And I do.
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My livejournal is so depressing recently.

Death toll is 147 and the police say the final number will likely be just over 200.

Part of me says thank god it's not more, but then the rest of me knows that every one of those lives is connected to other lives that will be in mourning for a very long time. I'm so relieved that none of my friends are among the missing or dead.

Of all the photos I've seen of the city, of all the tumbling buildings and broken churches and piles of rubble, I think this simple view down Colombo St disturbs me more than any other.
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Night will close us down and change the view

So many people are fleeing the city (one of the reports said ten thousand?) and I don't know how many of them will come back. I don't know what they're going to have to come back to if they do. The recovery cost for this is looking to be more than 10 billion. (That's... not a small amount.)

113 dead, 228 still missing, and the last person recovered alive from one of the buildings was on Wednesday afternoon. It's Saturday morning. 60 percent of the city is still without water, 25 percent is without power. (Power, obviously, we have.)

Fuck it, I love this god damn city and I'll leave it when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
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Earthquake post, like I can think of anything else right now.

My beautiful beautiful city.

I was home by myself when it hit and I ended up in the doorway of the kitchen which turned out to be not the best place because there's a high shelf there and a bunch of things came tumbling down on me. Nothing big enough or hitting me right enough to hurt but still not helping with the comfort. I ended up sliding down in the doorway to cry and laugh because, joy, hysterics. And then the first big aftershock that happened Lara had called me and she had to listen to me screaming and crying while I went diving for a doorway again. (Where I got really wet because the hot water cylinder in the roof either broke or fell over and emptied itself through the walls at me.)

I can't actually process anything today and every single one of these aftershocks makes me want to curl up in a doorway and have a little cry. I'm glad Lara and Alison are being the Calm Ones for me.

As of ten pm at least a hundred people are still trapped in buildings and now there's fires and flooding and the ground keeps fucking shaking.

But I am in awe of all the stories I've heard so far of how people are helping each other through this. That makes me cry too but in much better ways.
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It is indescribably strange to be here in Australia while, back home, something so huge is happening. My poor beautiful city is getting pummeled by this earthquake and its aftershocks and I've not even seen it yet other than in photos. On the one hand I feel incredibly lucky that I was here when it went down, because it means I haven't had to deal with the freaking out, the lost sleep, and the power and water losses, but on the other hand I hate that I'm here instead because all the people I love and spend my time with are going through this massive thing together and I won't be a part of it when I return. Is it selfish to think that way? Because everyone there can only be thinking 'uh, why would you WANT to be here?' But I guess it's a bonding experience of sorts for all of the city and I'm not going to be... bonded.

This all makes me homesick. I'm hardly ever homesick when I travel, only a few times when I lived in Ireland in fact and never when I'm here with family. It's odd and different. But I'm glad everyone back home is as safe as they can be and the fact that no one has died is the most amazing and wonderful news I've ever heard.

On a less flat note, however, I have been having a good time here, especially the other night when we had the cocktail party and Alison and I whipped up a serious storm of drinks from everyone. It was the day we'd found out about what was happening back home so we found a drink called Earthquakes to make. They were so good and way better than the real thing. I was the Queen of Drinkings and all bowed before me. As they should.

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Holy crap, how excited am I to find out that sleazy sexist, racist, all-other-ists Abbott will not be the Australian Prime Minister? THANK GOD. Finally something right there!

This is my last night in Nimbin. Tomorrow I have an early bus up to the Gold Coast and will be staying with mum until the 12th and then it's finally back home! (While I'm in Brisbane though? There's a Valentino retrospective. I WILL BE BEHOLDING VALENTINO GOWNS AND MY LIFE IS MORE COMPLETE FOR IT.) Dad also bought me a book on Alexander McQueen and I am happily basking in fashion. It's lovely.

Everyone talk to me! Leave me comments of adoration/hate! I feel so out of the loop with all my internet/Christchurch people. Basically, if you're reading this post, I ♥ you. (Unless you're certain people who sometimes stalk it and to those people: I </3>