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LotR: The stories that stayed with you


You know what we all need? Beowulf as a children's story. I listened to this read out at medieval faire last week and it was brilliant with audience participation.

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EDIT: More Victorian porn! The last ones I linked to were cartoony illustrations, so be warned that these are photos. Very very porny photos. Everyone is really well dressed though, which is awesome.

Aaaand Alison just pointed out that the women on the second one looks like Alan Davies. Watching QI will never be the same.
DP: The lord is like a small mammal

Now to pack...

I am now 98% moved into my new room and Lara's bedroom-to-be is empty and vacuumed and now only awaiting her gorgeous presence. There would be photos to prove both of these things were I able to be bothered. I'm not though.

Tomorrow sometime early afternoon I am leaving for Canterbury Faire and although I'm not supposed to get sunburned until then, I think I'm a little burned already from sitting in the sun today and watching Hera play in the arts centre. Damn you, day star!

Before bed the house has to be clean so Lara doesn't arrive to a sty. I suspect she wouldn't like that so much.

The sort of porn NO ONE needs...

I am exhausted, sun-boiled, sore, and a little bit alcohol-effected.

Thus ends another glorious Canterbury Faire. I'll write another post about it later (with photos of the geekary) but for now we're going to watch Princess Bride as Peter has never seen it.

But, as for a challenge spoken about at CF. After talking about the Brazilian Smurf porn (No, I'm not linking. Go google it for the childhood destroying hilarity) we wondered what other beloved kids cartoons we loved would be awesomely smutty. Some quick googling brings up Captain Planet bestiality porn (drawing). I'm sure there's more but I can't be bothered finding it. No one needs to know this stuff exists anyway.

AFP is doing the show in Wellington that we hoped she would on 12th March. This makes me gleefully happy as Wellington is much closer and better than Auckland.

Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

So, the plan for tonight was to turn the four metres of red fabric I bought into a dress instead. So Jen and I watched Mean Girls (OH YES WE DID) while I laid it all out on the floor and sort of made a pattern out of newspaper. By twenty minutes later I decided that I had no a clue what I was doing and maybe cutting the cloth up and just sort of pasting it to my body wasn't the best idea. I'll see if I can instead get a hold of Sam verysoon and she can tell me what to do, because whatever I was thinking wasn't working.

I lack the skills.

So I decided that I would work on the button holes on my other dress... but I have no blue thread to match it.

So tonight I got exactly nothing done on my medieval clothes, except for getting Jen into them and finding she looked quite hot in them. (But, let's face it, girl looks pretty damn good in most things, the sexy-waisted excellent-breasted cow. Although, a cow would mean udders not breasts and now there's all this imagery going on in my head and it needs to stop immediately.)

For the first time in a year I have dyed my hair. A YEAR. That's pretty much the longest I gone without dying it since I was about sixteen, which is madness. No photos, because it's not that dramatic. Just a rather pretty and very non-medieval berry sort of red. It has a nice sun glow to it but not the radioactive I used to have.
Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

This post was brought to you by the letter...

Tonight there was an informal sewing group in the living room as we all try and finish garb before Canterbury Faire. (Oh man, so close. How much can I not wait for nine days of medievalness? The answer is A LOT.) I am not even half way around hemming the skirt on my GIANT freaking gown. It's going to take forever but it will be worth it. Everyone loves a huge skirt.

After sewing we didn't do much. Oh, except that we watched Repo!! OH MY GOD, FOR THE FRACKING WIN! :D It made me happy in my pants and in my soul. (The bits with Anthony Stewart Head singing and being evil made me especially happy in the pants region.)

How tempted am I to watch it again later tonight? SO VERY MUCH Not at all. Nope. None.

Musical and Medieval both start with an M. M is clearly awesome.
-- Tea!

'CF update' that will do for the title.

Alright, what shall I write about Canturbury Faire while I wait for my hair dye to be set. (Or whatever it is that hair dye does in your hair.)

Basically, the most important thing is this: CF rocked the party that rocked the party.

There were a few things that kept coming up in our very random conversations. Baron Saturday, Chuck Norris, random Finnish cries of 'pie please!', a billion jokes about 'the second coming', and 'roundhouse your shit up' being the main ones.

I drank in excess and haven't laughed so hard for a very long time. In fact, spend almost ALL of CF laughing.

And once Peter gets here we're going to watch the video that got filmed out there which should involve so much hilarity.

Snogged seven people. Wasn't even a KAOS party.

I have the best friends in the whole entire world. I love my little group for it is awesome.

I'm terrible at writing down things that happened. I'm just going to go back to the beginning and say 'Yay! CF! Oh god, teh ROCK!'

Ahem. Now, at some point, I must catch up on all the writing I need to do and, just possibly, have a cup of tea because I haven't had any since I left!


Back in ChCh. CF was the stuff of legends. All caught up on flist and RPs. Will post for them later. Will write more here later. Must fall down.

*does so*
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The obligitory CF post

Bwaha. I have tonsilitis. AGAIN. The day I go to Canturbury Faire. OMG, I am teh rock of doom.

So I shall be all anti-bioticed up. Luckily this doesn't mean anything toward fine spiced wines, scrumpy (very medieval! they had apples!) and turkish coffee. All of which shall be drunk in abundance!

So- once I'm packed- at midday-ish we travel off to the wilderness to wear funny clothes and hit each other with sticks.

Bye! Wish me monsters!
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