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The irony of the moodtheme pic being ScarJo doesn't escape me

Dear Joss Whedon,

You know I love you, baby, but we've got to talk about this Avengers cast. I know, I know, you've probably heard it all already but maybe that's because people were expecting a little more from the guy who brought us Buffy and Firefly, both shows filled with a wide range of super awesome women.

So, Joss, where are the chicks? You've got all your heroes nicely cast - it's a lovely big boys club there - and the only superheroine you're going to let us have in it is Black Widow? For serious, Joss? The lack of powered-up women in the comic book movies in general - other than X-Men - is terrible and I thought that if anyone was going to fix that it would be you. And it's not as though you'd seriously have to struggle to do it either. The Avengers were always a mixed team and sometimes they even had more women than men on it. Hell, one of the founding members was a woman.

How about Ms. Marvel? Scarlet Witch? Wasp? Come on! (I'd love to see She-Hulk personally but that wouldn't happen in a movie that already has the Hulk.) You've said that there will be other women in the movie but in the roles of love interests. Hey, guess what, Joss? That's not the same thing. Maybe woman watching the movie might want a little more on their side than just getting to be the pretty girl the hero returns home to at the end of the adventure.

Not so much love at this point,

(PS: If you could seriously get to making that Wonder Woman movie - and cast it well - I'd totally forgive you for all of this.)
Spaced: People like you make me sick!


Don't read this unless you feel like being so fucking angry you want to kill everyone even remotely near to you.

College students proud of 'pro-rape' Facebook page.

I honestly do not even had WORDS for how incensed I am right now.

I think the worst part is that I'M NOT EVEN SURPRISED. Goddammit, society. I HATE YOU.
Rosie: To gathering time


But when you combine a sexist culture with an inadequate education system, you get boys, who would no doubt condemn 'real rapists', telling researchers that is is acceptable to 'hold down a girl and force her to have sexual intercourse in instances such as when she gets him sexually excited or changes her mind'. According to a 2001 report in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 54 percent of teenage boys agreed with this comment.

That, right there, is quoted from the book Princesses and Pornstars by Emily Maguire and it is horrifying.

54 percent? THAT IS MORE THAN HALF! (Just in case the maths failed you there. You're welcome.)

Just to be clear, gentlemen I know, I'd rip your cock off and feed it to you. Although hopefully most of those boys they talked to will, at some point, realise that that is fucked up?



EDIT: Ohshit, the irony of LJ auto picking a Pyramid Head icon for my for this post is lolworthy.

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Oh, what have I been thinking all these years in only sleeping with people I want to sleep with when I could have been lifting my skirt for everyone to improve my reputation.

How very unfortunate for myself that I have actual standards and nothing to prove.
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