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X-Files: All things come to an end

I am decidedly damp.

Oh winter, you wet floody mistress. The moat has returned to the driveway as predicted but - OH EXCITING! - Men and their Truck have come to make it go away. This means- SHOCK AWESOME! - that we can leave the property without having to walk through calf-deep freezing water! :D

Although since the weather reports say Canterbury is going to be basically underwater for the next week I am not filled with hope.

Snow. Give me snow.

God, how exciting am I, people? I am the weatherman (coo coo ca choo - I am also the walrus)
BSG: Wat.

Quickly! Loot the expensive cheeses!

I am used to our driveway flooding when it rains quite heavily. What I am not used to is the rest of the suburb trying to be underwater. The intersection down at Barrington mall was completely underwater and going up people's driveways. It was setting off car alarms and making waves whenever cars turned corners. The power at the supermarket went off, leaving us all in the dark for a moment before the generators kicked in and gave us back half the lights, leaving the crowded aisles feeling a little pre-apocalyptic.

My feet? So wet and cold. Knee high boots cannot protect you when they have a hole in one sole and zippers up the side :( Our front deck is white with hail and we have a moat, but that isn't so bad as it will keep the Mormon door knockers at bay.

Soon there will be lasagne. Lasagne is the path of goodness in wet weather.