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Repo!: Giles will fuck you up

This post was brought to you by the letter...

Tonight there was an informal sewing group in the living room as we all try and finish garb before Canterbury Faire. (Oh man, so close. How much can I not wait for nine days of medievalness? The answer is A LOT.) I am not even half way around hemming the skirt on my GIANT freaking gown. It's going to take forever but it will be worth it. Everyone loves a huge skirt.

After sewing we didn't do much. Oh, except that we watched Repo!! OH MY GOD, FOR THE FRACKING WIN! :D It made me happy in my pants and in my soul. (The bits with Anthony Stewart Head singing and being evil made me especially happy in the pants region.)

How tempted am I to watch it again later tonight? SO VERY MUCH Not at all. Nope. None.

Musical and Medieval both start with an M. M is clearly awesome.
-- Pyramid Head boogie

I believe this is fully deserving of my dancing Pyramid Head icon.


How very happy making! It didn't last all that long but it was falling heavy for a while there. Guess this means winter has really arrived.

Also, Tim hit me in the side of the face with an iceball (because he believes snow balls are for pussies) and now I can't hear out of my right ear >_< Whoo hoo, watery grave!