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-- The woods are dark and deep

Lake Kaniere

On Friday we (Alison, Ness, Sam, Tim and myself) did the road trip thing from Christchurch across to the West Coast to spend the weekend at Alison's family's bach at Lake Kaniere. (For the non-New Zealanders reading, bach = holiday home. I don't know if a bach has to be on a lake/beach to be a bach. This might be information a local needs to provide here...)

The trip across is about three and a half hours and we all squished ourselves into Tim's car, the three of us in the backseat dozing off and waking when we hit the bumps in the road that sent our heads smashing into the roof.

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Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

So, the plan for tonight was to turn the four metres of red fabric I bought into a dress instead. So Jen and I watched Mean Girls (OH YES WE DID) while I laid it all out on the floor and sort of made a pattern out of newspaper. By twenty minutes later I decided that I had no a clue what I was doing and maybe cutting the cloth up and just sort of pasting it to my body wasn't the best idea. I'll see if I can instead get a hold of Sam verysoon and she can tell me what to do, because whatever I was thinking wasn't working.

I lack the skills.

So I decided that I would work on the button holes on my other dress... but I have no blue thread to match it.

So tonight I got exactly nothing done on my medieval clothes, except for getting Jen into them and finding she looked quite hot in them. (But, let's face it, girl looks pretty damn good in most things, the sexy-waisted excellent-breasted cow. Although, a cow would mean udders not breasts and now there's all this imagery going on in my head and it needs to stop immediately.)

For the first time in a year I have dyed my hair. A YEAR. That's pretty much the longest I gone without dying it since I was about sixteen, which is madness. No photos, because it's not that dramatic. Just a rather pretty and very non-medieval berry sort of red. It has a nice sun glow to it but not the radioactive I used to have.
Boosh: I'm pretty good

Boosh fans! you BBC3 weirdos!

On Saturday night there was a Heroes and Villains party. So I say to myself, Self, who is the most bestest and sexiest villain?

The answer is, of course, The Hitcher. He will, after all, harness the powers of evil to abuse you. In song format.

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A few people got who I was. Everyone else was just confused to why I kept speaking to them in a bad cockney accent and threatening to put them in dolphin suits...

Another year gone...

Oh, hello bedroom. You are fantastically wonderful and not full of leaves and lack any sort of deflating bed.

I returned this afternoon from Canterbury Faire, the ever-fantastic week long medieval event. And while I was happy to leave behind sleeping in a very small tent with Raen, I shall miss the rest of it.

I ate so many pies. Mmmm, pie. And Turkish coffee. I wish I had one now because I'm quite asleep even after falling into my bed as soon as our return to the LFoD.

And while it is not medieval, human croquet is serious amounts of fun when played :)
Eva: Brighter than the stars above

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Circe says:
i didn't clean my room la la la
Alison says:
i knew you wouldn't. I knew today would be a "everything from the floor goes onto the bed till you want to sleep and then it'll go on the floor again" kind of day
Circe says:
Circe says:
it's an inefficient system
Alison says:
it is
Alison says:
you should try my system
Alison says:
i don't move anything ever. it works well.
Alison says:
cept i don't know where my proper pajama pants are.

In other news: The line up for the Victoria's Secret show sucks big time. It's like they decided that last year they had too many attractive women walking and had to do something about it. So they took them out the back paddock and shot them. Now it's just boring unattractive models. Yes, I do care. Don't mess with gorgeous half naked women. It's a workable system right there. (I'm being over-dramatic. There are still a few gorgeous girls, but heaps of my favourites are missing.)

I get to go to my dad's for his birthday party at the end of this month, and I say yay! And I might be going home for a week at Christmas, which is another yay! I like visiting parentals. It's made of good.

Extreme photographic dorkary ahead

Last night (actually kinda two nights ago, looking at the time) was Halloween and the LFoD were sitting around doing nothing. Until approximately 11pm when I demanded we quickly dress up in whatever we could find around the house and then go on a supermarket mission. So we did.

And Catherine has a camera.

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Today made quite the spectacle of myself when Raen and I had a water gun fight outside the Foundry bar at uni. Got rather wet. Someone shouted 'Wet T-shirt competition!' Was amusing. I like shooting things. And got to be amused when the boy said, "That's my weapon you've got your hands on, darling." I'm so immature sometimes. (Or all the time.)

Went to see him tonight but he wasn't home. How dare he have a life. And so I pouted at the evilness of this. And then came home. Where my house was invaded- quite nicely- by Binky.

He's currently in the kitchen talking about canivorous snails with Raen's cousin. It amuses.

And on another note this fact hit me tonight when walking back from the boy's house under the beautiful full moon:

I love this city.

King Arthur!


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Now I must go find some Arthur/Lancelot fics. And some Lancelot/Arthur/Guinevere fics. OT3, baby. I also must make more icons. Since I’ve actually seen it they might be actually, you know, good ^_^

Oh, and the trailers. I’m such a geek. One of my fav parts of the movies, is the trailers.

Riddick: Karl Urban. Judi Dench. Sci Fi adventure without plot but lots of killing and other fancy things = seeing.
Bourne Supremacy: omg Karl Urban looks utterly shagable in this and there is therefore no way I am missing this. Karl! Hot! Baddie! Gun! *hyperventilates and dies*
The Village: This would scared the living daylights out of me… I’m so seeing it. Plus, Joaquin Phoenix is always good.