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-- The woods are dark and deep

Lake Kaniere

On Friday we (Alison, Ness, Sam, Tim and myself) did the road trip thing from Christchurch across to the West Coast to spend the weekend at Alison's family's bach at Lake Kaniere. (For the non-New Zealanders reading, bach = holiday home. I don't know if a bach has to be on a lake/beach to be a bach. This might be information a local needs to provide here...)

The trip across is about three and a half hours and we all squished ourselves into Tim's car, the three of us in the backseat dozing off and waking when we hit the bumps in the road that sent our heads smashing into the roof.

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BSG: As constant as a northern star

Hi Clare!

Thanks to the sane Americans, Obama is in the lead. Thank you, America! Keep McCain and Palin far from office.

Lewi and Lara went home this morning ('this morning' being about 4am) and so there was staying up all night and watching Supernatural followed by dawn buses home to sleep. Still tired though. Zzzzz.

My paid account has run out and left me with all four of my Repo! icons and two Blair. Least Livejournal knows my priorities.