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Does this mean I can stay the kid?

I talked to my little brother on the phone today. In my mind he's seventeen still but he's turning twenty-one in March. It's all wrong. He sounds like a grown up man-person and he's about six-four apparently.

He and his girlfriend have been together for five years in April, and he told me he's going to propose then. They're also trying for a baby.

My face = :O to every single thing in this post.

Although he's apparently a big BSG fan which means we have something in common for what might be the first time ever.
Rosie: To gathering time


But when you combine a sexist culture with an inadequate education system, you get boys, who would no doubt condemn 'real rapists', telling researchers that is is acceptable to 'hold down a girl and force her to have sexual intercourse in instances such as when she gets him sexually excited or changes her mind'. According to a 2001 report in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 54 percent of teenage boys agreed with this comment.

That, right there, is quoted from the book Princesses and Pornstars by Emily Maguire and it is horrifying.

54 percent? THAT IS MORE THAN HALF! (Just in case the maths failed you there. You're welcome.)

Just to be clear, gentlemen I know, I'd rip your cock off and feed it to you. Although hopefully most of those boys they talked to will, at some point, realise that that is fucked up?



EDIT: Ohshit, the irony of LJ auto picking a Pyramid Head icon for my for this post is lolworthy.
BSG: Nothing but aching thoughts

Because my journal is the place to vent

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So, in short? This season pwns me and Starbuck is still my hot hot girlfriend.

EDIT: THIS is the best BSG mechanise EVER. Well, okay, except for the LIFESIZE Centurion Robot (!!!) But then, that does cost $8500 (US) which is slightly out of most people's price range when it comes to TV show collectables.