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BSG: Wat.

A series of letters

Dear Glee,

I hate you. Your terrible terribly lip-syncing; your predictable, cliche and stupid plot lines; your stereotypical and sometimes offensive characters; your Nice Guys; your apparent view that feminism is still in the 18th century. There's probably more but it's early in the morning. Your popularity BAFFLES ME.

Dear Zombieland,

You, however, are so fucking awesome it kills me dead.

Dear internet connection,

I miss having you on my computer :(

Dear Auckland and Tim Minchin,


*goes to get dressed for flight*
Mylene: Falling in and out of love

God damn this is disjointed.

Mr Edgar Poe is sitting on my desk and doing what he does best: adorableness and eating treats with his adorable tiny little hands! ohmygodsocute!

It's 5am. I really did promise myself I was going to get better at this tonight. Alas.

The new Epica album has leaked although I haven't got a copy of it yet. (The video for the first single is kinda cheesy, just like Epica ones always are, but hot damn does Mark look lickable.)

New layout of Mylene Jampanoi. I'm shallow and it's awesome.

And now that it's started to rain again I'm going to bed to enjoy the pretty.

I never know what the frak to say on this thing anymore.
Blair: Not at all suggestive...


Bitches, this is bed-lounging weather.

And there's been dentist visits and wine and cocktail parties and good food and Byron Bay and shopping and goth shops and steampunk pocket watches and general awesome but I lack the energy to make any real post about that until I return to NZ.
|| LC: I ♥ me

The theme of this post appears to be '♥'

One of my favourite things in the world is bussing on a hangover. Oh baby, there is nothing more exciting. (I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.) But I have no progressed from my deadly morning times to now just feeling kinda groggy instead. But that's fine because Ali and I have Buffy season three to be watching and junk food to watch it with. TAKE THAT, WORLD. Nothing can make anything bad right now.

Party last night was really good and people were to bright and colourful. For those who are unaware I was wearing FLUORO ORANGE TROUSERS. That's a sight that you will never see again. People were fun and awesome - Dollhouse, I ♥ you and your parties.*

Tonight I sort out travel details for August and then I can email parentals about flights. I am going to rock Sydney and Nimbin ♥

*Me: Hey, they all live in the Dollhouse... but that don't really exist in an innocent childlike state.
Alison: *snort* That would be the very opposite of what they are.

TV, you lied to me again.
-- Tea!


Things that make me happy:

♠ Antique shops
♠ Tea and tim tams
♠ Laughing
♠ The hyperness that comes after gym
♠ Nachos
♠ Honey + brandy + gold flakes
♠ Tea
♠ Tea
♠ Amanda Fucking Palmer
♠ Tea

I like tea. Although it's not so cool when you find exploding teabags. It gets messy.

EDIT: Self, next time you feel shit go look at this again instead.

Let me tell you, internets, it's hard work living with Jen

This morning, for some perverse reason, I ended up watching the last fifteen minutes of Camp Rock with Jen. That is fifteen minutes I will never again but will repeat in my mind forever.

I want new Supernatural eps but it's all on hiatus :( (Although maybe that's a good thing since I really don't like the story arc for this season. But I say nothing more so I don't spoil those who aren't up to it.)

But, oh my god, Repo! comes out on DVD January 20th and I AM GOING TO OWN IT HARDCORE ALL FOR MY ME!! It's kinda bullshit though, because the regular disc has hardly any extras and the deleted scenes (which should be like the basic Extra of Awesome) is only on the Blu-ray version. Who's freaking idea was that?? Rubbish! And the featurettes on both versions are completely different, so it seems whichever copy someone gets they get ripped off. LAME.
Rosie: A heavenly surrender

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Look! Look! I'm Ness!

Yeah, random but it killed some time which is always the main thing.

My Amanda Palmer CD arrived and it's got an awesome write up on the back by Neil Gaiman. I love when he does stuff with my musicians.

Alison is - no, wait for it - CLEANING. HER. ROOM.

I am COMPLETELY serious.

No, wait, now she came in here because she was bored. Oh well, we can't have it all.
|| LC: I ♥ me

Pointless update is pointless

Alison is at work, Jen is out seeing The House Bunny, and Cath is on the coast. Therefore I am alone in the LFoD and having a naked party. Well, 'naked' in this instance meaning 'clothed' and 'party' meaning 'hmmm, I wonder if I should investigate day time television or read my book...'

I have Tremors out from the videostore. This excites me possibly more than it should. Tremors, man. Classic Kevin Bacon, baby. I'm going to watch it with drinkings.

'Cream' by Prince is stuck in my head since I saw the videoclip for it last night. Dear lord, the childhood nostalgia. And O HAI JENNY CALENDAR. Aaaah, makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Three seperate notes...

1. Dad! I sent you an email but I don't know if I sent it to the right address!

2. Alison gave me candy and now my mouth tastes like orange. Catherine, I promise we're eating real food while you're away as well! At least a little bit...

3. Alison and I have started watching BSG and it's awesome. So far we've only watched the mini series thing as when we went back to get season one the next day some bastard had taken it. So currently we go '!!!' because we need to know what happens! (But not in the 'reading it on wiki' way, because that ruins all the fun.)