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Dearest flist of flistyness:

I’m back.

That is all.

Okay, so maybe I’ll write a little more than that then. I’d write a day by day thing here but…I can’t remember day by day cause I’m lazy and I didn’t write it down. But it was fun anyway ^_^

Got off the plane in Melbourne -already bouncingbouncingbouncing- and looked around for Raen (for the uneducated: phfa). Panicked for a short moment with the ‘omgwhereisshe??’ walked around and who should I see lurking around the corner? (Who’s this shady looking character?) it was a Raen! And there was glomping and much concussion. (Dear lord, my spellcheck doesn’t recognise ‘glomping’! Awful!) Raen spent the whole trip back from the airport going ‘oooh, where are koalas? Ooooh, different trees! Ooooo your dirt is funny coloured!’ (No. It’s not orange, Raen. It’s dirt-coloured.)

Then we crashed at our hostel. About 10 minutes later Nikki (persephone_20) shows up and attacks us. In a nice way.

During our time there was much shopping and spending of money and buying and omgtodiefor corset. Mmmmm *hugs corset* it’s honestly the sexiest thing ever. I don’t have the bust for the thing -unlike Raen and Nikki who both looked all kinds of gorgeous- but I still adore it. I also bought a skirt and there were sooooo many pretty things in that shop! Bad Circe.

And then Raen and I went to stay with bottleofred who is lovely and even gave up his bed for the two annoyingly loud tourists. And I think I caught my most awful cold from his housemates but it’s aaaall good. *sniffs* I’m getting over it!

Hmmm, what else happened, precious? Oh! I got to meet saffronlie and her non-LJ friend (those people really exist apparently!) We shopped and such. Which is always fun. Got to meet lots of new people on this trip really. Gotta remember to count all of Nikki’s friends too, who were all great. Not that I’m surprised by this. I even got to hang out at a party with them and do the random snogging thing.

By the time I had to leave I was rather addicted to trams and trains though. Public transport rocks my socks. I’m such a geek. And now, because I’m lazy, the list of things that also were very cool:

# the food court off Little Collins St. Best. Pizza. Evah. I’m so very easily pleased.

# Ordering Stabucks as ‘Des[demona] and Ophelia’ and answering doubters with a sheepish ‘our parents were Shakespeare geeks’
# Drinking martinis on an empty stomach and cold and flu tablets at a lesbian bar.

# Singing really bad karaoke when sick and laced in a corset- because how can one hold back from karaoke when one finds a Smashing Pumpkins song as an option?

# Finding a nice factory clothing outlet and buying way too much.

# Watching movies than lead to week long discussions that go ‘omgyay Medieval!D/L!’

# Staying up all night and watching Buffy with someone who doesn’t usually watch it but enjoyed it anyway.

# Buying new music.

# Watching lions at Melbourne Zoo and buying a purple snake toy you didn’t really need and naming it with obscure references. *pats Acamar*

# Sitting in a park in St Kilda with shapes and cream cheese and just lounging on the grass and then zooming about.

# Lying in a queen size bed and pretending to be two completely different people.

# Giving Raen her first mango ever and watching her utterly devour it.

# pancakes with strawberries and lots of syrup

# real life snuggles

Today I took Nikki for a loooong walk around town and got all sunburnt but, meh, it was a nice walk still. next time I will remember sunscreen.

Aaaaand I think I'm off to bed now. Night all.

ETA: Why did no one tell me my layout was all pixally on computers that aren't mine? *fiddles*

Ava Adore was written in 10 minutes.

My God. I was in a class. By choice. The world has just spun on its axis and is going to crash into a firey oblivion. My course started today and I'd forgotten what the worst part of school was. The fact that you can't just get up whenever you damn well please. Waa. I like waking up at 10am! But that minor detail aside, it wasn't so bad. But I bet I came off as a total bitch anyway. It's not that I am a total bitch most of the time, it's just that I'm very anti-social and stand-offish. I'll talk and smile and say hi but I'd much prefer to read my book that talk to people at lunch.

phfa sent me a video thingy that she said I should watch. Apparently it had some ghostish thing on it and I'd have to watch closly to see it and turn the volume right up and I might be able to hear the interferance. So I downloaded it and dragged my mum in to watch it as well. So there I am, watching veeeery closly, eyes narrowed and peering at the screen, and suddenly A ZOMBIE JUMPS RIGHT OUT SCREAMING! Waa. I screamed and almost fell off my chair. My mother giggled. A zombie! You should have seen my hands shaking! I could barely turn it off! So:

Dearest Raen,

It is so many levels of wrong to send a zombie thing to someone who has a ridiculously large fear of zombies. And after contemplating the idea of cutting off all your hair while you slept, I instead didn't post your chocolate yet. Suffer my revenge, wench.

Your Slytherin Who Had A Heart Attack.

I know I had something else to write here, but I've forgotten. So instead I'll go upload X-Men icons.