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You know, today has been a pretty good day. I have Nikki to hang out with (and real life CC with: so. much. crying.) and I have ice-cream in the fridge and I have a lovely page of Keira pictures to drool over.

Speaking of Keira: just watched The Hole. Very good movie. Keira = pretty. Thora Birch = cool. Keira's hair was long and she had a very sexy blue top which I covet. There was also toplessness. Although…that meant removal of said top. (Yes, I do think I may be obsessed with a shirt here…) And before that we watched Sole Survivors: which basically gets a 'yay Eliza!' from me. Cause she's pretty. and also shouts of 'Jacob/Diantha Forever!' for weird reasons. Aaaah, video nights. Tomorrow we shall not be lazing about the house again but going out to the chocolate factory because...well, do I really need to explain my reasoning here?

There were important things I know I had to say here but I cannot remember any of them... except that poprocks are utterly made of nothing but sugar. So yeah, this is my exciting entry. ^_^

Aaaaaaand, if you're not Sena/Raen/Nikki (OT3!) this next part is meaningless....

To my Heirs people: Do you realise that these kids are going to be very screwed up after the war? And during? We're going to need some full time councillors. I know for a fact that Juliet will come from Edinburgh and help out when she has the time. But, yeah, full time someone. I totally want a teacher chick played by Aeryn ^_^ (The woman, not the bike)
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