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Movie ravings.

Karl Urban is Hot.

Karl Urban in leather is Hot.

Karl Urban speaking in another language is really Hot.

Karl Urban with a gun is really really Hot.

Add all these things together and it equals Dead Circe.

So why was my mother shocked that I was hyperventilating everytime he was on screen in the Bourne Supremancy tonight?

Me: OMG! You killed Karl Urban! You suck, Matt Damon!
Mum: He was the bad guy.
Me: He was the Karl Urban!

My entire reflection on this movie boils down to two things:

one: The whole movie filmed with hand held cameras, while not Blair Witch-y, was still annoying.
two: Karl Urban.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must make Karl icons. *goes to find pics*
Tags: lord of the rings, mum, quotes
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