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Right. Someone asked me about HP fanfics I liked and I thought, hell, why not just shove a list of my favourite fics in my LJ?

So I am.

Go me.

Now, it’s not a very long list. I don’t read as much fic as some people *cough*phfa*cough* It’s also all HP and lotr, (mostly HP) cause I don’t really read anything outside of that.

Authors own summeries are in italics when I could find them...


Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing…Rat?
: Draco Malfoy, magically transformed into an evil rat. Who is it who always seems to get the evil rats as pets, and what is poor, poor Draco's new name? Eventually D/Hr, just now mainly D/coffee...

This is brilliant. One of the most quotably funny stories ever. It’s about 8 chapters if I remember correctly and just so funny. It’s Draco! He’s a rat! He bounces! It has the following lines:

"No, no, but look, it's all right. It's not like I haven't been in Ron's bed before - I mean, I've been in it for months... when I wasn't in Harry or Hermione's and... sweet Lord, will no-one stop me?"


Underwater Light: Featuring an extremely depressed Harry, in a war-torn wizarding world, about to get the shock of his life when he discovers that Draco Malfoy is slightly more important to him than he would have ever guessed. Including a very odd friendship, lots of angst, suspicions, conflicted loyalties, clueless Ron, on-the-warpath Hermione and two very messed-up boys.

I love this fic. Friends have mentioned that I may be ‘obsessed’ *glares at these people* It starts off rather average. I admit I didn’t really get into it until the fourth chapter, but then it’s brilliant.

And if you’re looking for well written Slytherins, then this is your fic. I wrote a page long review to the author pretty much just on fabulous her Slytherins were. Snape, Draco, Pansy, Blaise…I love ‘em all!

It may be slash-fic, but Draco and Harry never even kissed until the fourteenth chapter! Maya is attempting to kill her audience with anticipation. And she’s succeeding.


Draco Trilogy: How does one summarise Draco Trilogy? God. It’s long and ongoing and I know people who love it and people who hate it. I, obviously, fall into the first category. It’s the ‘ambiguously gay fanfic’ someone said. Draco/Harry that just dances on the line of slash and never quite crosses over into it. Love it. I want to put a quote form it here, but none of them would make sense out of context. Let me just say that the Draco Trilogy, over the course of it’s three ‘books’, has built up the most beautiful relationship between Draco and Harry. (and has also recently ripped it to shreds again.) it also has a list of kick-arse chicks: Rhysenn, Fleur, and girl!Blaise. Ginny’s also coming into her own too.

Look, I can’t explins DT. It’s epic! I’d just say give it a go. If you like it, brilliant. If you don’t *shrugs* pick another fic ^_^


Curce for the Flu: This is an extremely silly story involving a very very sick Draco, a rather imaginative Harry, and accidental telepathy. While Draco ponders his fingers and the wonder that is his lovely bottom, Harry seems to have a porn film rolling in his head all day, unbeknownst to him. Can Snape (or even the brilliant Hermione) cure them of their rather intimate affliction? Or will their attempts only make things worse? Deeply funny slash here. Had me giggling so much ^_^


Alot To Be Upset About: Draco loves Ginny. Ginny loves everyone else but him. Snape suggests spanking, the butterbeer is tainted, and Harry tries to blow up the school. Not your typical D/G fic. It’s really not. I don’t like D/G anyway. Written after OoTP and using every amusing cliché that formed therein. Screaming!Harry, Slutty!Ginny…. *loves* Ginny manages to date everyone at Hogwarts and ignores Draco. Draco is very upset. But not as upset as Harry…who is generally just insane. Not that long, so give it a go!


A Season In Hell: D/H. Wartime Hogwarts. Very dark. Very smutty. Very highly recommended.


A Malfoy’s Mercy and Other Oxymorons: Now this is porn. Harry/Draco porn, to be exact. Really, I swear. It's Harry/Draco. My only strange kind of stream-of-consciousness porn without plot, which can best be summarized thus: "Harry will spend a lot of time in the Gryffindor common room now." I will add one word to the authors summary: ‘Polyjuice’


Lord of the Rings

Tactics: In the after glow of celebrations in Ithilien, Legolas and Éomer discuss how to best bring down a mûmak. A short little slashy fic. It’s so very cool. Just…read it. It’ll only take 10 minutes of your life ^_^


Elven Eyes, Human Hands: The beauty of the Elves is perilous. A story of gifts given and desires withheld, from Éowyn's perspective. Okay, I admit that this fic holds a special place in my heart. This was the fic that got me into Eowyn/Arwen which I had before hand scoffed at. See, all it takes it one little fic to get me into a ship ^_^ Anyway, I like it (and totally managed to rip it off in own of my own fics. Badly, I might add.) Also has Aragorn/Legolas in it too.


*wanders off to do something productive*
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