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Why is it that as soon as I start making an Eris icon, a dirty great big spider shows up in my room??

Waaa. It's just sitting on my waredrobe. I'm sure it's watching me. Ewwky little minion!

Have explained outloud to Eris that while I do worship/adore her, I don't appricaite hairy huntsmens in my room at 3am when I was contemplating sleep. I refuse point blank to sleep in the same room as that thing.

*keeps checking spider to check it hasn't moved*

I don't like huntsmen. Other spiders? Don't bother me so much. Huntsmen? Uber wiggans.

waaa. go away, spider! I uploaded the Eris icon! you can go away now!

Maybe it's dead? Yes. Came into my room and died on my waredrobe. But since it's on a vertical surface and not falling off, I'm thinking alive. It's missing a leg. Why are huntsman always missing a leg. I don't think, in my whole life, I've ever seen an eight legged one.


I'd shoo a hand at it, but they have a tendancy to run up hands. and skuttle across floors all flat and smooshed and creepy.

Did I mention I'm not fond of these little fuckers? Cause I'm not.

*shouts at spider from the other side of the room*

Go! Psst! Go away! Shoo!

Not working. I'm far to tired for this. So, erm, I'll just sit here and hope it goes away.

So my usual solution to everything in life.

*hides behind her pillow* protect me, Pillow.

If I go to sleep it'll get me. Or Eris will come for me.

So really, this could be a good thing.

Go away, Spider! I'm looking for your demoness mistress, not your fuzzy little creepyness! Duuuude, I've just realised it's blocking my escape from the room. Okay, so maybe 'blocked' it a little strong. I mean it's just a baby, so not even as big as-


*breathes* and my heart jumped a mile. do not like this spider!!!!

waaa. go away

*posts this before the insanity goes to far*
Tags: behold my epic braves
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