Circe (_honeyspider) wrote,

Halloween and quizy things

Friday night was the KAOS Halloween party and I went as The Grudge. It was badarse and there were compliments on the creepy, but alas I don't have any other photos than that one of me creeping at the door of the LFoD.

On Saturday night we did our now annual horror movie Halloween with candy and delicious and scary ourselves silly. The movie selection this year was Mirrors, The Ward, Hide & Seek, and Skeleton Key. (Our warm-up during the week was Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes and Scream 4.)

In the middle of all this stuff we had a girly tea-party. Because.

I am 172 centimeters tall.
This makes me taller than 25.1% of men and 85.7% of women.



I was having this discussion yesterday with Lara about how I always think that I'm average height or just below average, probably because most of my friends are at least a half an inch taller than me and because both of my parents are taller. I still wish I was taller though. I feel more like my 'proper' height in a pair of high heels, which is why I don't really like wearing flats. (The 'living with people who skew the average' is the reason I always think of myself as still being flat-chested when I'm a C. I blame living with three girls who were DDs and above.)

Alison is doing NaNo right now, you guys! SHE'S A FOOL!
Tags: bloody mess, buffy wouldn't stand for this, covered in spiders not bees, crazy old people, creepy little fuckers, dressing up like fools, drinking and yet sober, emma frost wouldn't put up with this, geekary of all forms, halloween, hardcore!!1!, hilarity, lara is made of ♥, lfod, like my women like i like my coffee, madness takes it's toll, mmm pretty people, movie nights!, naked fun at the lfod, nano, needles of evil, not where fingers belong, oh my god (in capslock), parties, picspam, playing with sharp things, removing body parts slowly, so much boobies!, stuff that scares me, such displays of athleticism, surgery is what you need, the first rule of lfod club, they all die., they're hot zombies okay?, to things that don't suck, wtf alison?

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