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So despite the fact that I've given up on Game of Thrones at episode three (for being both too rapey and sort of boring at the same time) I ordered the first book from the library ages ago and it arrived. Figured I'd start reading it even though I didn't expect to like it.

But I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. I mean, I don't think it's really high literature and some of the writing is a bit iffy but it's really readable. You know when you're not sure if you're actually loving a book or just loving how enjoyable and easy it is to read? Yeah, that's how I'm sort of moving through it at the moment. It's not bogging me down with lists of names and centuries of history like a lot of high fantasy tends to do. (Which is, generally, why I avoid high fantasy. UNLESS YOU ARE LORD OF THE RINGS I WON'T READ YOUR LISTS OF NAMES BECAUSE I DON'T CARE. Tolkien has earned that right by stealing my heart, you have not. Oh, and the cliches. The fantasy tropes that we are all sick to death of. Again, I let Lord of the Rings get away with this shit because it's where everyone stole most of it from.)

So, yes, Game of Thrones is - so far, less than half way through - more enjoyable than the TV series and - HALLELUJAH - less filled with rape. This, however, might change. So don't be surprised if my next post looks like this:


Are Robb and Jon supposed to be fourteen in the show as well? Because HOLY SHIT, THOSE ACTORS AREN'T FOURTEEN. Them being so young changes everything, I think.

Anyway, so far Tyrion and Jon are my favourites. What can I say? I like snarky clever men and I like angsty broken boys. As yet I don’t really care about anyone else. Dany is boring but, as I said, I'm really happy that her storyline isn't about how she gets raped a lot. Sansa is so sadly naive I want to hug her, Joff is a dick, Cersei and Jaime haven’t been in it enough for me to form opinions, Catelyn was annoying but now she’s riding south and is badarse. Ned would be a non-entity for me were I not picturing Sean Bean. Sean Bean can make me care about anything.
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